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    Please help friends in need

    Hello everyone, two long-time members of our larping community lost their house today in a massive fire. Nobody was seriously hurt but Ben and Stephanie Waterman and their five children have lost everything. The New Hampshire chapter will be offering goblin stamps to anyone able to help. The...
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    Please help friends in need

    Earlier today Ben and Stephanie Waterman lost their home in a fire. Their family is safe but they have lost everything. There is a camp that can take them in for the winter but they, their five children and the children's grandmother have nothing but the clothes they were wearing. For anyone who...
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    Clean up day: Saturday, April 29th

    Title. Please show up and help get the site ready. Thanks.
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    Campaign Announcement

    I probably should have put this up right after the October event. Part of me has been dragging my feet because this is still a little jarring to say. Next season will be the final season for the Deadlands campaign. I should stress right away that this does not mean the Alliance NH chapter is...
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    Racial Skills as Prerequisites

    There have been a few different discussions about races and racial skills, and I wanted to draw everyone's attention to something. Racial skills do not contribute to build prerequisites, even when they are duplicating a class skill. To whit: Racial Dodge does not count as rogue build for...
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    July Event Pot Luck Sign Up

    July event Saturday will be an in game party! Yaaay! Dinner that night will be a pot luck! Yuuum! Are you a cool cook? Bomb baker? Awesome at appetizers? Know how to buy soda? Sign Up Here! If you bring a dish, you get a paragon package. Why not? Enthuuuuusiasm!
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    Donation Drive for Melissa and Mike

    Here is the the main thread for our donation drive to help Melissa and Mike with the medical expenses for their daughter Lily: I'm also super thrilled to be able to announce that as of now the Ashbury chapter will be...
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    New Hampshire Donation Drive

    Hello Alliance community, my name is Dan, I am the owner of the New Hampshire chapter. Two of our longtime players, Melissa and Michael, welcomed their daughter Lily to the world just before Christmas of last year. Lily is a beautiful sweetheart who was born with an incredibly rare genetic...
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    Clean up day: Saturday, May 21st

    We will be having our annual clean up day on Saturday, May 21st. There are many goblin stamps to be earned. Clean up starts officially at 10:00 AM, and will continue until the work is done. If the weather forecast is truly untenable we will update everyone here and on facebook. Thank you to...
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    2016 Event Dates

    May 27-29 June 10-12 July 22-24 August 19-21 September 9-11 October 21-23 Please note that there are only two weeks in between the May and June events. This is a fast turn around, but this was really the only way the schedule would work. A title and teaser should be up for the May 27-29...
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    A lesson in will

    There once was a forgetful wood elf with a gift for finding doors. He had"Owen" written on his cloak, so that he would know his name. Now his cloak says "Santet killed me." Now his body hangs from a tree near Finn Castle. Santet's mouth will kill more. -Necalli
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    Wylderkin racial choices

    So, since it came up in another thread but was off topic there, I thought I'd through it up over here: what racials make sense for which kinds of kin? On the topic of the "perfect pair", Racial Dodge and Resist Magic, I know of one character at least that has them: a snake-kin. The dodge I...
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    July 2014, Encroachment: stuff you want to share

    I wasn't miserable. The whole time, at least. Someone else go.
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    Resolved Controlled Spirit Store and Investitures

    This issue was brought up in this thread, and my thoughts on the rules are stated therein. As a brief summary, the following sentence is from the scroll text for Investiture/Divestiture. The issue is that as an outgrowth of that statement, it seems likely that by the rules as written a person...
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    Resolved Weak blocks

    There is a passage on page 94 of the rule book that references weak blocks not preventing valid hits. I have heard from various people in positions to know that this is no longer a rule as it violates the principle of lightest touch but there does not appear to be an official announcement. Can...
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    Helping members of our community

    Two fellow alliance players could really use our help. Kelly Bristol and Brian Ziegenhagen have been put in a difficult situation trying to pay for the medical expenses of one of their two baby boys. Please check this original post to find out how you can help and what Deadlands will do to...
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    Helping members of our community

    Two very wonderful people could really use help. Kelly and Brian have two baby boys, one of whom required open heart surgery a month ago. They are asking for donations to help cover the medical bills, and are giving home-made pies to nearby folks for every $15 they donate. There are a lot of...
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    Helping members of our community

    Kelly Bristol and Brian "Ziggy" Ziegenhagen are long time players, and many of our friends. They are also the parents of two twin baby boys, Dean and Sammy. Sammy needed open heart surgery early this year. The procedure was very expensive and Kelly and Brian are asking for donations to cover...
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    Thelucian Auction Q&A

    So we've gotten some questions on the subject of the auction announcement that was made, and figured it would be good to have a good old fashioned Q&A to address them. So far, the most common question has been whether the auction will provide restricted items or LCO, and that's a bad question...
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    8.5 hours to go!

    About 8 1/2 hours until the submission deadline. Tell your friends.