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  1. Deadlands of Old


    Hey NH staff, Just noticed a mention of the new campaign on the 2019 season schedule post, but I don't see a rundown about it anywhere on the board. Am I blind, or is it just forthcoming? Thanks,
  2. Deadlands of Old

    2.0 - A power gamer's dream come true?

    We've been mulling over what the biggest concerns seem to be regarding the new rules. We can argue about which classes/races get impacted for the better or worse. Though I personally think these matters are clear, some owners and ARC members have come here and made claims contrary to the...
  3. Deadlands of Old

    Faire day 2/18/17

    Just wanted to confirm where it's being held and what time to show up. Thanks
  4. Deadlands of Old

    PayPal payments

    Hello everyone, Please stop sending payments to The account was supposed to be closed but is for some reason still accepting payments (according to the emails I'm getting). However, I cannot access the account any longer, so I can't refund your payments. The...
  5. Deadlands of Old

    Great job this last event!

    Ok, I've never known Rachel to write or run any plot and so to be honest, I wasn't expecting a whole lot out the weekend. Wow was I surprised. This was a really fantastic weekend. The plot was interesting. The npcs were fun to interact with and the encounters were all really well thought out...
  6. Deadlands of Old

    Web site down

    I was hoping to pre-reg/logist, but it appears the Caldaria web site is down.
  7. Deadlands of Old

    Poison Parry & Elemental Parry?

    Has there been any discussion about adding Poison Parry and/or Elemental Parry rituals? If not, what are people's thoughts?
  8. Deadlands of Old

    Fighters then and now

    It seems in NH and CT we've had a long standing issue of having very few mid to high level fighters. I’m pretty sure our highest level folks are almost never fighters. I'm curious if the rest of the Alliance has the same dearth of fighters (I suspect the low level ones tend to fluid class...
  9. Deadlands of Old

    To the people of the realm and remaining survivors of the Goshawk tribe

    To the people of the realm and remaining survivors of the Goshawk tribe, The paladin council has entrusted me with responsibility of ruling the now declared Protectorate of Goshawk. This protectorate was originally founded in the efforts to reclaim and settle land for the common folk of Eire...
  10. Deadlands of Old

    Anyone making custom chainmail tunics?

    I'd like to have a custom, long sleeve, chainmail shirt/tunic made. Anyone interested? Or know someone who might be? I have money.
  11. Deadlands of Old

    October favorites

    What a weekend. There were so many small, beautiful moments, and so many grand, larger-than-life ones as well. I'm going to miss a lot. There were too many. These are not "favorites."They are the moments I won't forget, for good or ill. Failing to save three friends: It's complicated. Watching...
  12. Deadlands of Old

    Anyone have a video camera they can bring and use on Saturday night?

    I'd like to make sure a certain encounter is on video for a player who will not be able to be there. Anyone planning on being at game Saturday night and have the ability/desire to record an encounter for us? Gary
  13. Deadlands of Old

    To the Withering King

    You are an old type of enemy. One that should be feared and respected. Regardless of how this goes down, whether light or darkness prevails, the people should know your story. Tell it and we will share it. Heresy
  14. Deadlands of Old

    Public service message regarding Miswoken/Malwoken

    Good people of Caldaria, This past gather I was made aware of what appears to have been a grave mishap involving a group of dryads commonly referred to as "miswoken." I don't claim to have all the information, but from what I've heard it seems several months ago a group of adventurers had an...
  15. Deadlands of Old

    To Sevaria

    Sevaria, You know this, but it still needs to be said. You were my one. We only get one and you were mine. You were my friend, my conscience, the best reason to each time crawl through the dark and make it home alive. I've never done this before so I don't know how. If moving on means letting...
  16. Deadlands of Old

    Favorites from this incredible opener

    So I was there for just a few hours and it was one of the most intense events of which I've ever been a part. So people better start writing their favorites... Mine, and I have a real hard time calling this a favorite, was everything that happened regarding Sevaria. She was my favorite...
  17. Deadlands of Old

    Ria Sevaria of Goshawk

    She was the last of her people Of Wild Eyes And ancient blood She was born of the earth And a Childe of the forest And called by the Great Mother Guardian of her storm sky But to us... She was all Tell me she was never Your friend? Or sister? Or trusted most? She would call your lie She was...
  18. Deadlands of Old

    Trying to reach Chris/Kay

    If anyone has his email, or a better way to reach him, please send me a private message. Thanks, Gary
  19. Deadlands of Old

    In need of a celestial formalist

    Any celestial formalists who will be in attendance in August and willing to help cast a few rituals, please post here or contact me privately ( Your help will be greatly appreciated, as evident through the reception of small, circular objects with a sort of dark...
  20. Deadlands of Old

    Help us reclaim the Deadlands

    Brothers and Sisters, The undead scourge of the Deadlands is not gone, but it is no longer an endless, insurmountable force. In kind, the realm beyond the Harvestlands is fertile, so it is time for us to begin the long, hard task of reclaiming the continent of Laerthan – not with otherworldly...