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  1. Tolib

    Favorites October 11th-13th

    All the amazing work by Plot, the NPCs, Tavern folks, and the great comradery. Getting to go on Mods as part of: The Heck, The Pride, and the OEF (loved being Mutt's sidekick as rear guard). Being able to heal because of the gifts from The Pride and from Scarlet Rose ...... I just have to stay...
  2. Tolib

    Cartographer needed - Jake the Page

    ... Request from Jake the Page ... I got some land in Springdale from Sir Sebastian. It is 10 acres, 5 miles South East of Fort Aegis. Tolib said I should get a map and find out what the land is like. He said I need to know about its shape and water and if it's close to a road or trail. He said...
  3. Tolib

    Friday Night Social Hour

    Please join us at the Fire Ring this Friday Night at the 9th hour to exchange news and stories. We will be summoned to the Tavern by the triangle or messenger pigeon. Springdale is in need of sturdy buildings and fortification. Refresh yourself from the long carriage ride in exchange for...
  4. Tolib

    Food Allergies / Preferences

    Are we missing any ??? These registered people have food allergies or preferences recorded: Mike/Thudd Gabe / Red Ian / Banradi TC / Naomi Baylan / Dirty Goblin Brigit/Belfry/Sloane Jenn / Mutt / Zima And these non-registered people: JT/Joseph Smith Waller /Arai Evie...
  5. Tolib

    October Menu 2019

    Please let us know if we need to make any adjustments for dietary needs. Breakfast with Brigit French toast bread pudding Biscuits and sawmill gravy Assorted pastries (homemade) Sausage links Lunch with Diane Baked chicken legs Baked Mac.n.cheese Green bean casserole Chocolate Chip Cookies...
  6. Tolib

    Goals for the Gathering

    Young Jake and I are very interested to learn all we can about: Springdale and its communities. Fort Aegis. Any possible threat to the Kingdom from Alacar. Bandits, Myconids, Lumber Shortage, Spies, Panthergast, Waymaker Network. Breath Deep, Tolib...
  7. Tolib

    Springdale History & Advisers

    PLEASE - Attention all Adventurers ... ... A wonderfully unique talent my young charge - Jake - possesses is the ability to absorb over 90% of what is presented to him during meetings, BUT it comes at a cost. ... ... [OOG - this is called Autism [aka: Asperger's for the HF (High Functioning...
  8. Tolib

    Springdale History & Advisers

    Dear Lord Lukas, You are most kind. Breath Deep, Tolib
  9. Tolib

    Springdale History & Advisers

    Dear Lord Lukas, I humbly ask your forgiveness, no offense was intended. Because I very recently came through the mist, my knowledge is inadequate. Despite my best efforts, I did not find written information about you within known sources. If it pleases you, Lord, I would be honored to receive...
  10. Tolib

    Springdale History & Advisers

    Fellow Adventurers, As if being Jake's, Life Guide wasn't enough; he purchased the Favor of Deeded Land in Springdale from Sir Simon Sebastian at Dragonfall. I have done extensive research about this land and summarized it below so that I can educate young Jake. I welcome all to fill in the...
  11. Tolib

    Tavern Games . Donations . Period Style

    Several Adventurers enjoyed having games available in the Tavern during Dragonfeast, we asked, and were encouraged to gather a collection of games to have at events. Preferred are wooden boards and pieces. ... NO marbles for safety reasons. ... Please, no colorful plastic for theme. These will...
  12. Tolib

    Dragonfall Favorites

    Mike & Becky for being the great people they are. To all those who spent time listening to Jake's excitement and imagination. To Taed for his October offer. To Naredowell for the time he spent with Jake. To Mathis for his riddle to Jake, which earned the one needed chit to purchase the deed...
  13. Tolib

    Stories & Song - Dragonfall Friday.

    Greetings fellow Adventurers, Performers & Adventurers are invited to the lakeside fire ring on Friday night. Performers will earn Dragonfall chits. Listen for Jake the Herald's announcement. Breath Deep, Tolib ..
  14. Tolib


    I wish I could commit now, I will do all I can, whenever I can ... I have Jayden to watch after, if I'm free, I'll volunteer.
  15. Tolib

    Alliance SoMI 2020 Season Announcement - Updated

    Taed, John W. & Co. would like to request May 29-31 at Cedar Lake Outdoor Center. ... I would like to put a secondary request in for the November 1 day - John W & TBD
  16. Tolib

    Alliance SoMI 2020 Season Announcement - Updated

    I want to learn about plot, and help out on a few weekends in a plot capacity. I realize I have a tremendous amount to learn. Please, if you're willing to let me tag along, learn and contribute, let me know. ... My goal is to be a part of an event plot team that includes Jayden - perhaps a...
  17. Tolib

    Potion Vials for sale

    Dearest Cyn, I will advise young Jake to seek you out at the Healing House. I am sure he will be interested in discussing a coin for potion vial trade. Breath Deep, Tolib
  18. Tolib

    Sulinari gem + Helmet = Help

    Looking for some inspiration. I play a Sulinari, and I think I'd like a helmet. I may be crafting a blacksmithed & leather one this winter. Gaining some inspiration from the Morion style. Looking for pictures or links ... Thanks
  19. Tolib

    October tavern conflict

    Bridget, Diane is very willing to take over the Lunch & Dinner tavern on October 12th. Let me know any details she may need to know. The best way to get in touch with her is by e-mail, I will PM that to you. John
  20. Tolib

    October tavern conflict

    I will check with Diane tonight - She may be excited to help out. John