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    "Correct" pipe insulation

    I made my first boffer weapons using the guidelines in the book, and thought, physically it looked okay. Yesterday, I had it tested against me, and the blows stung a bit. It got me wondering if I used the right materials. I used 5/8" pvc and insulation, and used pic and link related insulation...
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    Page policy?

    Hi, so I was wondering. My kids are interested in coming with me to the next event after hearing about the fun I had when I came last. I couldn't find anything about SoMN's underage page policy, and was wondering if someone could enlighten me. I did see in the rulebook that usually, a player has...
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    Quick Newbie Question

    Hi, first time poster. I am planning on beginning LARP this year, starting at the Castle event. I think I may be able to slap together a costume using a few tutorials found around here for pretty cheap, but I am not sure I can fabricate an approved weapon in the time I have available. I was...