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  1. JeffL

    Hunting the White Rooks

    Greetings New Acarthians. This note is for those familiar with the attack on the Duchess at the last gather. If you have a personal investment in finding and stopping the foursome known as the White Rooks, or if you have been personally affected by the "heartless muders", please get in touch...
  2. JeffL

    June Refund and July Price Drop?

    To the chapter: I'd like to build some support for Jesse to get some monetary relief from Beaver Ranch. Chime in with a "Like" or a comment, as you will. Jesse: We're with you in asking Beaver Ranch to acknowledge that they broke their contract and owe you a price reduction. We'd also like to...
  3. JeffL

    Adding a word to Magical Conduit high magic

    Here is my very small suggestion: From 0.12.a page 34: Magical Conduit (3 High Magic points per purchase, Times Ever): When purchasing this High Magic, the character may fill up to 9 levels in a Spell Store Ritual with spells appropriate to their Aspect. These spells must be in a spellbook that...
  4. JeffL

    [.11] Two suggestions - Take or leave

    Here are two suggestions, and there is a solid chance these have been discussed (offline, or even on here). So apologies if that is the case. 1 - Allow Healing Arts questions to be asked while performing First Aid. As it currently stands I believe I cannot use any skill other than Teacher and...
  5. JeffL

    The Kingdom Mourns

    [A road-weary woman wearing the Royal livery arrives at the site of the newly constructed tavern. She slides off her horse, and climbs atop nearby barrel. Pulling out a piece of parchment, she clears her throat and announces loudly...] People of Acarthia, it is with a heavy heart I bring you...
  6. JeffL

    [.11] Channeling language confusion

    In the Channeling section (Page 26) In the first paragraph: "The Pool can be used in increments of 5 up to a maximum of 10 points" I would suggest "The Pool can be channeled in either 5 point or 10 point bursts." Similarly, a bit further down in the example: "Sarah, a Celestial caster, has...
  7. JeffL

    [.11] Cure/Cause and Earth/Chaos confusion

    As a fairly experienced Alliance player, reading the [.11] rules I was almost convinced that you could now cast a "cause wounds" spell with Earth and a "heal wounds" spell with Chaos. Here is how I got confused: Page 8: In the description of Earth "Chaos" is mentioned in a way that makes it...
  8. JeffL

    [.11] Typos with no content/meaning problems

    I hope it makes sense to have a thread that is for pure typos (ones that don't muddy meanings). For example: Under 2.3 Effect Changes the phrase "consolidated down into a single spell " appears a few times, but sometimes it is "single spell" and sometimes it is "simple spell."
  9. JeffL

    Summer heat is affecting the Howling Woods

    Greetings. For thoss that don't know me, I am Captain Jane of Watchtower Integrity, the western-most Watchtower in New Acarthia. To all who reside in, or sometimes visit, New Acarthia... A pattern of behavior that many of you will find relevant has become clear in this hot, dry summer...
  10. JeffL

    Castle Day - Costuming and Role-play Kudos

    Hey everyone! In a previous LARP every event was followed by a ballot where you could vote for things like "best costume," "best humor," "best role-playing," "best fighting," etc. So I thought I might start a thread where we can call out our friends for their amazing work. I'm especially...
  11. JeffL

    What a fantastic event!

    Thanks SO much to everyone who made this weekend (the August event) so much fun. The joy, dedication, time and commitment you all bring to this game is amazing and wonderful. Thanks for making Alliance Denver so friendly and engaging. JeffL (TPO Calidan Roan of Valarion)
  12. JeffL

    My first set of armor... one tag? Many tags?

    Hello, I've spent a solid half hour perusing the Alliance Rules thread and I'm still pretty confused on how armor and armor tags work. Rule book quotes from Page 80: "Once a marshal has assigned your Armor Rating, you may use an armor tag with up to as many Armor Points as you have Armor...