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  1. Grimshaw

    new tags duration

    is it one circle per market or per day?
  2. Grimshaw

    New Char Database

    Has the new DB for Chicago gone live yet? I won't be at the next event and am not the best at keeping up with forums or discord. Thanks
  3. Grimshaw

    Packet clean up find.

    Hello, During Packet clean up I found a Black Metal Feather. It was on the Saturday night battle field. away from the main building pressed into the ground. I was wondering if it belonged to anybody. If so send me a message. I will bring it to next gather. James "Grimshaw" Ferguson
  4. Grimshaw

    Duke Bluewater We needs to talk.

    Yer Eminence, We've yet da dis-cuss witch ov me stone elf orphans ye'll be rise da be leader. I fink it be bes we's converse on this soon rav-ther den later, as rumors seems da be spreadin about says orphan. Will ye's be in attendance dis market? Yer's in service Grimshaw Harvus Harvus Hope of...
  5. Grimshaw

    Items I found, during packet sweep. i think.

    I was packing up my LARP stuff and found two rings at the bottom of my bags. I think I found them on my Sunday morning packet sweep can be sure as I was REALLY tired. One over sized plastic "Diamond" ring I think it lit up at one time. and I hope no body lost this one cuz it is way cool. one...
  6. Grimshaw

    Squire and Knight belt colors.

    What are the squire and knight belt colors. Asking for a friend.
  7. Grimshaw


    <A sudden loud screech is heard through the dreaming> fscheeeew! <the next sounds are groggy> huh? huh. Wha? <sounding more aware> Sorry 'bout t'at folks. Alls well 'ere. Didn't means to disturb.
  8. Grimshaw

    spell duration

    So let's say a good meaning fighter jumps in the way of a spell packet to preserve another fighters vanity. the caster is a stone elf dragon mage, the call was "Cosmetic transformation: pink hair" am I correct in assuming this is a permanent change? James "Grimshaw" Ferguson
  9. Grimshaw

    'elp Won-ed n needed.

    Fellow Adventure-urs....ers.......Me Friends, As ya may or may nots know, wit da departure of Miss Cyn froms our lands came the closing ov Forgotten Hopes outer two fa-silly-tees. Under witch I's had to combines all the chil-ren unders one roof in Arbor at de newly renamed Harvus' Hope, less...
  10. Grimshaw

    Who owns .....

    This seems the right place to ask this question. So an interesting point of intellectual property was brought to my attention. and a discussion of ownership ensuded. Who owns...Your PC Character and their backstory? Who owns...NPC characters you've created for plot use? Who Owns...Your...
  11. Grimshaw

    A small request to cover an itch,

    I's been finkin' bout dis and hows best to say it. An I's is aware me accent gets in da way at times. but I've been note-is-en sum fin fer a while now an since I's finally over herd someones else point it out, I's like to address it. If da chap swinging swords at the bad guys, drops said bad...
  12. Grimshaw

    Had some possibly stupid idea.

    So I just counted up my quivers of bolts for my crossbow (65 quivers or 1300 bolts if you please) and several Ideas came to mind. First: I know you can only carry as many bolts as you have quiver space on your person. From the rule book: "Quivers: An archer may not have more arrow or bolt...
  13. Grimshaw

    a plea to me friends,

    Im's not unfamiliar wit rumors. Usually a bit ov drink n a bit ov ignorance can spark a rue. An in me past, I's may ov even started a few. but I've 'erd some distubin noise on da wind. Noise t'at includes me, I'd say good but I knows better, Name. If'in any of me friends knows 'oo started t'ese...
  14. Grimshaw


    Okay, I understand that after 4 Critical Attacks you can give them up to buy 1 Weapon Proficiency. Now I am at 4 Weapon Proficiency and I know I don't need to give them up to get 1 Eviscerate. But my question is does Eviscerate buy like Weapon Proficiency, once every 4. or can I buy an...
  15. Grimshaw

    is it just me or.....

    Are we not seeing pre-reg announcement for August? James "Grimshaw" Ferguson
  16. Grimshaw

    Forum In-game terminology usage.

    I am back reading some of this Kazik stuff. We reference Dreams, Pigoens, and the Vault, Now the Merging the Vault with the dreamscape. I thought I understood but now I have worked my addled brain into a state of confusion. Can some one give me a quick primer on In-game terminology for the...
  17. Grimshaw

    Thrown weapons

    Was thinking of taking thrown weapons and wanted to make them. So the question are: How must thrown weapons be thrown? Must they be tossed over hand like a packet or can they be tossed like a frisbee? How must they be designed? Must they look like daggers and axes or can they be disc or...
  18. Grimshaw

    I's wish to makes a public apology.

    Fer t'ose not privy to the events for which I's is about to apologize, lets me illiterate as bes' I can. It seems t'at thee Alpha-were returned to Westhaven n' threatened grievous harm upon the adventures at large. Ser Seril nee-go-she-ated wit the monster in a forms a treaty t'at involved the...
  19. Grimshaw

    Question about monster spawns.

    Friday night during the un-dead assault, an un-dead was doing his three count spawn. "I come from the ground, one. I come from the ground two...." I turned and began attacking the rising mound of un-dead before he hit the end of his three count. The NPC told me I could not do that. I did not...
  20. Grimshaw

    Evil Organizations?

    <a shaken voice> I 'ave 'ad the most disturbin' of nights since October. I's not keen on discuss it in the dream as I am in no moods fer the nightmares I 'ad last night. Buts I's wuz a wonderin' has any one heard any rumors of evil in the area, specifically one t'at dabble in....dear...