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  1. Asteria

    XR Magic Item and Ritual Scroll Conversion Policy

    Hey all, Please see below for XR’s 2.0 conversion policies: 1. LCO magic items - Like AGB, XR will be allowing you to transfer 1.3 LCO items from other chapters (including ones no longer running) into 2.0 items. These items will be recreated as XR LCO items; there is a limit of 5000 points...
  2. Asteria

    2019 Flyer Contest

    Hi everyone - we are kicking off a flyer contest for 2019 to help us promote Alliance Crossroads! This contest is open to any member of Alliance LARP, so feel free to submit from across the system. Each valid entry will receive 30 Goblin Stamps, and the winner of the contest will be able to...
  3. Asteria

    Coin Design Contest

    Leave your mark on Fortannis with new coinage! Alliance is looking for front and back designs for new coins to begin circulating in 2019. Design requirements – All designs must be submitted as digital files (Adobe Illustrator preferred), for coin sizes below: Copper: 25mm x 1.6mm