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  1. GoldRaven

    Just a bit of Winter Season Hype

    Hey guys! It may be cold outside, there may be a foot of snow on the ground, and there may be no games happening, but don't worry! Only a few more monthes and we'll back in the mountains, ready to adventure once again. Fret not, folks! It's a new year- and that means the season for LARP is fast...
  2. GoldRaven

    My Magnum Opus- Branwyn, of Kood

    I'm very proud of this, so naturally I'm going to show the internet. This is my character, Branwyn a.k.a Bran, wearing a mock up of his new outfit.
  3. GoldRaven

    Wylderkin Diet

    Quick question: Do wylderkin have the same dietary restrictions and food preferences as their 'kin equivalents? Like, are herbivorous 'kin vegetarian? What do you guys do when roleplaying you 'kin?
  4. GoldRaven

    Magic involved in Race Changes

    So, I understand that your race can change with fae magic or ritual magic, but how exactly does that work? Can a pond in the woods have fae magic in it, which could change your race to match your soul if you drank it often enough? Or something like that... Basically what I'm asking is; what are...
  5. GoldRaven

    Exotic Wylderkin Costuming

    In the vast world of wylderkin, there are many varieties of people. There are mammals, like wolves and foxes, sure, but there are also birds, and lizards, and even fish and insects apparently. But, seeing that I'm inexperienced in Alliance, I haven't seen some of the more exotic kin. I'm very...
  6. GoldRaven

    Wylderkin Animal Variation/Legality

    So, when I first looked at wylderkin, I found them a little odd, and a tad uninteresting, but at after attending my first event and seeing so many neat costumes, I've been re-evaluating them. Which brings me to my main question- what kind of variation is out there for kin types? I've seen kin...