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    Look for inexpensive "magey" armor

    I'm looking to buy a piece of armor that is lightweight and suitable for a scholar type of character who may get himself into trouble...sometimes. :funny: But I'm trying to do this on the cheap, I am willing to pay and I will pay what the piece is worth, I just don't have a /huge/ budget. If...
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    Seeking the Alchemist

    Bernard (I apologize if I have your name wrong)? Do you participate in these dreams? If so could you contact me privately? -Ràn
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    Looking for a makeup tip: Is there any good way to get white to look....whiter? I know that sounds weird but I hope you know what I mean. I'm kind of a tan guy naturally, and I've seen other stone elves who look like paper stock white with little to no shade. Sometimes my makeup comes out not...
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    Staffs and Longer Weapons

    Calling all crafty people :D I am going to attempt making a staff, my friend and I (well he's better at it then I am) have made some boffer weapons already, but mainly swords and daggers. We haven't tried any of the long weapons. So my question is, when making longer weapons (staffs...
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    Dream Sites

    I'm not normally a link person, but I wanted to post this because I thought it was really cool. I just thought it would rock as a place to LARP. I always seem to run into these places where I would love to LARP but are sort of a pipe dream like doing a whole LARP in a mansion in Newport, RI or...
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    Vocab Lesson

    What is the difference between a Dragon Stamp and a Goblin Point? I found Gobbies/Goblin Points in the rulebook but I've heard Dragon Stamp said a couple of times and can't find a definition for it, but I can tell it has something to do with volunteering the way Gobbies do.
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    Looking for people

    I'm looking for the woman who was playing the solo Gypsie. I believe her IG name was Marie but I'm terrible with name. If you're on here, or know her could you contact me at my email address? wolfanotaku @ or PM me here. Thanks, Vinnie (Ran, The stone Elf)
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    Teaching Confusion

    I am confused about teaching. The rulebook says that you don't need to be taught again if you are just learning a new rank in a skill such as Alchemy.Then it gives the example of a person who doesn't need to be taught again to learn /another/ 3rd level spell. But someone else wants to learn...
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    Looking for a fourth

    Anybody playing single that wants to bunk with three others? We've got three, and we're hoping to reserve a tent. PM me if you're interested.
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    Anyone forming up teams that are looking for members?
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    Future Event questions

    I have a question about the upcoming events at Ashbury. I noticed on the event list that there are three coming up. The on in June is marked as Low Level Campaigns. I am hoping to get a feel for weather or not a new character would feel comfortable at the events not marked that way. I have a...
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    New Alliance Player

    Hello there, I have recently moved to the PA area and after looking over the different LARPs in the area decided I would like to try this one. I've been LARPing for almost 10 years and roleplaying for longer so I just have a few questions before I get into reading all the material. 1) I'm...