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  1. Telokh_Amdo

    May event - Looking for ride

    I'll be in Riverside, NJ leading into the weekend. Anyone in or near there who has room, please drop me a line here or on FB. I will have $$$ for gas.
  2. Telokh_Amdo

    Ponderings on the demise of a people

    Telokh Amdo left Saribdis six years ago to find his true path. Through unexpected circumstances he found himself part a family, living among a people as different from himself as one could imagine. Their ways became his ways. Now, it is as if it always was. Telokh Amdo is no more. Telokh...
  3. Telokh_Amdo

    Sept.Event: Looking for ride...

    ...from southern NJ, just north of Philly. I will have a polearm. Thanks ahead of time. --- Mike E.
  4. Telokh_Amdo

    Nordenn Official Announcement

    To the Nobles, Adventurers and general populace of Ashbury and all of Icenia: Let it be known that His Excellency Baron Sir Harrison Ryatt has named me Seneschal for the Barony of Nordenn. Any correspondence involving Baronial matters should be directed to me via courier (OOG: madcapraven AT...
  5. Telokh_Amdo

    Number of events per character

    Given the number of characters PCs I've had I thought it would be interesting to go through my old cards and see how many times I played each one. I've surely lost a few cards over the years (especially early on) so it may not be 100% accurate, but here's my tally for my 12 years of playing...
  6. Telokh_Amdo

    To new friends

    To those I met and fought alongside, I thank ya fer givin' a Dwarf a chance to prove himself. Things might be a bit tense once I get home and my Old Man gets his temper up fer me bein' away so I probably won't be sleepin' soundly enough to hear yer thoughts here. If ya feel the need to contact...
  7. Telokh_Amdo

    Opener Faves

    I'm too tired right now to come up with my own list right , but I just couldn't go to bed without seeing a faves thread started for this awesome event. Post yours here. I'll get to mine when I'm more rested. Hats off to Tab, Christina and the whole Crossroads crew. Can't wait for more!
  8. Telokh_Amdo

    Phone mishap

    Lost most of my contacts when I just did a system update on my Droid Eris. If I had you in my contacts (or should have) please drop me a text, e-mail, PM (here or facebook). Thanks. Droid users (particularly Eris), back-up your contacts before doing this system update. Write them down if you...
  9. Telokh_Amdo

    BSG fans

    Apparently there was an art contest to design a steampunk version of Cylon. Here's a link to some of the submissions.
  10. Telokh_Amdo

    Vin Diesel and D&D
  11. Telokh_Amdo

    Wands, from the addendum

    From the addendum on Wands: "A dated wand tag will be issued listing the Type of damage the wand can do (Stone, Flame, Ice or Lightning). This tag must be attached to the wand in some manner." Is the reason for the date that it is intended that the Wand itself (not just its charges) expires at...
  12. Telokh_Amdo

    Not mine, but check out this art medium

    Ever hear of "painting" with BBQ sauce?
  13. Telokh_Amdo

    June Event Logistics Wrap-up

    55 PC (19 fem, 36 male) + 20 NPC (8 fem, 12 male) = 75 total players APL 17.67 Total Character levels: 972 RACE Human --- 15 Elf --- 11 MWE --- 8 Biata --- 4 Dark Elf --- 3 Dwarf --- 3 Gypsy --- 3 Hobling --- 3 High Orc --- 2 Wylderkin --- 2 Sarr ---1 CLASS Scholar --- 19 Templar --- 12...
  14. Telokh_Amdo

    Death Star over San Francisco

    Death Star over San Francisco Empire ships, as well as Death Star, inserted into home video footage. VERY well done. Most of it looks real, not like some hack job.
  15. Telokh_Amdo

    Mr. Potato Head as Darth Maul

    Frackin' hilarious!
  16. Telokh_Amdo

    May 15-17 event recap

    Just got my updated Db from Robb, so here's the recap from the last event. 49 PCs (33 male, 16 female) APL 17.98 RACE Human --- 15 Elf --- 11 MWE --- 7 Biata --- 6 Stone Elf --- 3 Dwarf --- 2 Gypsy --- 2 Barbarian --- 1 High Orc --- 1 Hobling --- 1 CLASS Fighter --- 14 Scholar --- 13...
  17. Telokh_Amdo

    If Romeo & Juliet had cell phones...

    ROMEO: News from Verona! How now, Balthasar? Dost thou not bring me letters from the friar? How doth my lady? Is my father well? How fares my Juliet? That I ask again, For nothing can be ill if she be well. BALTHASAR: Then she is well, and nothing can be ill. Her body sleeps in Capel's...
  18. Telokh_Amdo

    New WoW expansion?

    Hadn't seen this before:
  19. Telokh_Amdo

    Dryads yet?

    Anybody bust out a Dryad PC at your opener?
  20. Telokh_Amdo

    Alliance (at the top of the page)

    I keep clicking on that when I want to go to the main page of the website and it only takes me to the front page of the Forums. Any chance of make the word Alliance be a link to the main page? We can get to the front page of the forums by clicking "Board Index".