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    Long lost sailor heading into port...

    Any ol' friends o' Raif's still wanderin' in d'ese here parts? Chicken Leg? Arranin? Barring d'at, any Familia got room by de fire for one a long way from home? ~Raif Dandelion
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    Latex weapons?

    Okay, so I'm coming up in a couple weeks (finally) and I scanned back through posts for the last two years and I didn't see a definitive policy on latex weapons for your chapter. Can someone clue me in, so I know if i need to rebuild my old boffer reps or not? Thanks! Jeff
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    Someone's gotta know

    Okay, who knows what the fighting style is called that was used by Lucy Liu in Kill Bill Volume 1 where she was using the scabbard as a blocking tool? With this much nerd power on here, this info must exist!
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    DC Universe Online

    Anyone tried it yet? I'm tempted, but holding my breath waiting for SWTOR to announce a date. Curious how it stacks up/what kind of MMO format it is...
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    updated policies

    With the big castle event coming up in a few months, I went on to look up SoMin's transfer policies for MI's and such and can't find em. It could be me, I am that technotarded, but thought it good to suggest making sure things like that, directions, latex weapons policy, or anything else that...
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    Evaluatable Items and tags representing their worth

    There was something posted up in the Rules ARC section about this and while I agree with what they put up as far as sentiment, I thought I would bring up another issue with Evaluate-able items being put out at chapters, and that is the issue of there NEVER being Evaluate sheets available at...
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    Ummm..... ... Id=4081950 Does anyone else find anything disturbing in the appearance of this plush toy?
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    Site question

    Hey, was trying to see/figure out if there was any swimmable water at site or if anyone knew for sure. I know the last two Ohio events I would have given a lot to have someplace to jump into about 3pm and soak for half an hour, just thought I'd ask so that if there was people didn't get caught...
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    gods of comedy Cleese and Atkinson on stage. Truly classic.
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    Are latex weapons going to be allowed at the National event?
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    An attempt at betterment

    I'm sending out this plea to all my fellow players in an attempt to take a very small measure that I think would improve our IG atmosphere, and even though it's a very small improvement, it is so very easily done and I hope starting people thinking about it will inspire people to find other...
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    Hey guys, extemely slight possibility I might be making it up for the May event, will know after this weekend. I was curious what the policy is on latex weapons for you guys at this point. I didn't see anything up about them (could be right there and I'm just tired) and I'm cool either way, just...
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    In search of....

    ...a Preserve scroll. Ah have some very nice othah scrolls an' item o' a magical nature ah'd be happy to trade as well as coin an' goods fo' such a thing. Ah'll be about town fo' a few days at least. ~Raif
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    ARC speed

    Just wanted to comment on the fact that the Arc appears to have really stepped up lately on timeliness of rulings and clarity of their rulings. Thanks very much to you hard working folks, I know you don't hear it often enough but it is appreciated!
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    It's that time of year...

    Halloween super stores and party stores are going to be having close out sales on costuming and make up and whatnot. Chapter owners, make sure you put up your wish lists so your players can go out and snatch up stuff you need and donate it!!!
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    Crossbow follow up

    Since it has been ruled that crossbows do not need a thrusting tip on them at all, with what part of the crossbow is it legal to strike someone in order to Waylay them with it?
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    Big thanks!

    Thanks to the Chicago Alliance team for putting together not just a great season closer this weekend but a great season. I know I came in on the second half of it but I have had a blast playing with you guys and I'm really looking forward to next season already. Thanks to the NPC's who really...
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    Any'un else 'ave a wierd day yest'day? Ahhh dunno, like, any o' yo' magical gew gaws an'/or weapons not quite look de same an'....well....smell funny? Jus' askin' is all. ~Raif
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    Hope to be there

    Hey all, just a heads up won't know for sure if I"m gonna make it this weekend till friday afternoon since that's when they're deciding if we have to work saturday or not. Even if I do get to show up, might not be till saturday morning, if I work a 15 hour shift and don't finish till 2am I'm not...
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    July/Aug faves

    Hey guys, just some quick favorite moments while I have a moment to toss some down: -Sexiest....Fortress....ever! "Oh look, I'm moving! Look at the way I'm moving, oh I am so moving right now!...." -Going on the cave raid at daylight and being both the only one NOT fed an Enslavement...