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  1. Aclodava

    The Fatespinner's Office (2017 Season)

    Zanthia is working away in her office, reading and replying to correspondence with the other Masters. Next, there's big stack of official requests for cross training with the Arcane Sanctum. She's not surprised at the amount of interest, but is also a little concerned. First spaces of course...
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    Grand Duchess Victoria

    Another scroll bound in dark purple ribbon sealed with bronze wax bearing a rose is delivered to Grand Duchess Victoria's residence.
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    Empress' thoughts...

    Emperess Angerona Naeina Masq’il’yr stormed out of the premises seething with anger, and somewhat relieved and surprised that she had been allowed to leave. Not that the so-called “host” could have stopped her. It had been a very long time since she felt so very insulted. A Death Elixir! Who...
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    Fatespinner arrives

    As the carriage pulls up in front of the Arcane Sanctum, Zanthia shakes her head and focuses on now. Gathering her things, she pulls her cloak tightly against the cold wind and alights from the carriage, quickly heading for the doors and warmth inside. Wherever they were going, it HAD to be...
  5. Aclodava

    Taking a sabbatical

    Zanthia leaves Master Quynn's chambers after a long day of going over guild business. She has no idea how long she will be away with ArchMage Az'Caine, but the guild is in experienced hands until she returns. She makes her way down the hall to her own room then falls into bed.
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    Dungeon Run 2015 Schedule

    Here is the official schedule for this year's dungeon run! Players please indicate if you will be attending. Please speak to the run leaders if you want to join their team. Max 7 players per run; one run per PC. 4:00 pm Leader: Hamish (Keith) Task: Trial of Knighthood. Team: Third, Garridan...
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    Earth Blade

    We have a debate about the spell Earth Blade. Does it do double damage to undead or not? Earth Storm specifically says it does not do double damage to undead, but every cure spell specifically states theat they do double damage to undead. Earth Blade is the only one the does not state either...
  8. Aclodava

    Recalling Master Wayanwood

    From Master Quynn's rooms, Zanthia heads to the ritual vault in the lower level of the library and retrieves a scroll. From there, she goes out the to courtyard to cast the scroll. Once complete, she heads back to her own rooms.
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    Master Quynn's Rooms

    Obviously unhappy, Zanthia knocks on Master Quynn's door.
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    Notices begin appearing at the pubs in Calanhelm: REWARD 5 Crowns for the recovery of the spellbook previously belonging to Keeper Fredrick last posted to Parson's Breach. Please see the Fatespinner directly. (OOG: Please do this in game, rather than on the forum.)
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    Notices being appearing around the Enclave: REWARD 5 Crowns for the recovery of the spellbook previously belonging to Keeper Fredrick last posted to Parson's Breach. Please see the Fatespinner directly.
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    Message for Isawda

    A messenger comes through the portal wearing a familiar green tabard, carrying a sealed note in hand. Standing in the middle of the snow-covered commons, he bellows: "Message for Isawda!" Pausing for another breath, "Isawda the biata, please present yourself to receive a message from the...
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    Over the last few hours, several carriages have been seen traveling from the Earthweaver's enclave to the palace, where the portal is located, then returning to the enclave. The Fatespinner was observed with the carriages, that appeared the be empty on the way to the palace. On the return trip...
  14. Aclodava

    Front Entrance

    A covered cart bearing the Earth Weaver's guild crest trundles up to the front enterance of the Arcance Sanctum. Surrounded by the Home Guard and Commander Dunbow, it is an odd sight to see here. Thankfully, the storm seems to be passing and the rain is letting up.
  15. Aclodava

    Castle Entrance

    The Earth Weavers' caravan with Master Farrowan Wayanwood leading arrives at the castle to utter devistation. The rain that has started to fall is a mixed blessing. It pulls the dust out of the air, and will help fight the fires, but will make assisting the injured more challanging...
  16. Aclodava

    Earth Weaver's caravan

    Several carts loaded with supplies and healers are making thier way as quickly as possible through the streets of the city. Master Farrowan Wayanwood dispatching teams and supplies here and there where they are needed. The tremours have terrifed the citizen of the city, and look to the Master...
  17. Aclodava

    Master Wayanwood's Study

    After attempting to summon Master Quynn, the Keeper runs down the hall to Master Farrowan Wayanwood's chambers. Master Wayanwood had only recently returned, and reluctantly, the Keeper begins knocking on his door. "Master Wayanwood? Are you within?" he begins tumultuously, "I'm sorry to disturb...
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    The Keeper on duty at the permanent circle in the center of the circular courtyard within the enclave is jolted from his drowsiness with the first tremor. His open spell book falling from his lap. He stands from his position under a tree as the shaking continues. Noticing the gathering dark, he...
  19. Aclodava

    Just outside

    Zanthia awaits the arrival of the carriage and Nadja, thinking over everything she has learned. In a moment, the carriage pulls up and the door is opened. Zanthia steps inside, but stops the ffotman as he goes to close the door. "We are waiting for Najda, she should be here momentarily. Once she...
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    Edit: Art Central is closing to make way for a new Telus high rise. Oceana in Calgary is only in Cross Iron Mills. They still have really great quality wigs in all colours and lengths. They are heat resistant so they can be styled using normal home hair styling tools. Best part: since we are a...