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  1. Vhossek

    Racial Packet Art...

    This is the first view of my drawing for the Dark Elf racial packet a local chapter is having me do. I plan on painting over this drawing but it should stay essentially the same. I will post more as this progresses. This is roughly 34" by 35" Sorry about the poor quality I took this with my...
  2. Vhossek


    Does anyone have pictures from the Dinner/Auction 1 day event?
  3. Vhossek

    Some leather gear

    I'm just experimenting with some new leather working with some costume items. This is the pop (soda, coke, or whatever you call it) can holder that can be secured to a belt.
  4. Vhossek

    Interest in wares?

    Greetings everyone, I would like to get opinions or interest on some possible wares. I plan on bringing some basic leather gear this up coming event. Mainly leather wristbands or cuffs. with different levels of ornamentation or symbols. I am also experimenting with leather pop can covers...
  5. Vhossek

    May 13th Carpool?

    I am hoping to get to SoMi in a couple weeks and was curious if anyone is traveling from the Grand Rapids area or perhaps points north that may have room for 1 and 2 average size totes? or if need be I could whittle down to 1 tote and a backpack. Hope to see everyone in a couple weeks.
  6. Vhossek


    As most already know from the past few events, I am a novice leather worker. I enjoy this hobby and would like to get even better. I am curious as to what type of things people would be interested in if I started making leather armors and supplies. I will post pictures of some of the stuff I...
  7. Vhossek

    A couple sketches and some color

    Here is a black and white sketch I have done for a racial packet and a later version that I colorized via Photoshop. Black and White Sketch Colorized Ogre
  8. Vhossek

    Lost and Found

    At the last SoMi event there was a quilt and a sheet left on one of the bunks that probably belongs to one of the PCs. The quilt is white with blue accents and seems to be an antique style. The sheet is white/off white with lace trim around the outside. Send me a message or let me know if...
  9. Vhossek


    Greetings citizens of Horn's End. I will be traveling north to your lands two weeks from now. Any information as to what I could expect or if I should make any special preparations would be helpful. Also are there are any Dark Elves of the Dragon or Spider I could expect to meet?
  10. Vhossek

    Racial Packets and such

    Tom and/or plot, I'd like to offer my services with producing artwork for in game or out of game use. I'm trying to knock the dust off my drafting table and a lot of my sketchbooks and figured if anything was needed that maybe I could help. Let me know.