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  1. hbirdgirl

    April '19 Favorites!

    It's Tuesday and no one has started this, so I guess I will :) My game had just some amazing RP moments that I loved. 1. Tasting the rainbow, that was a fun card, the NPCs were great, Canada's enthusiasm for our enthusiasm was great. Having a leash on Coro while she stuck her face in was such...
  2. hbirdgirl

    November '18 Event Favorites

    I got that post game hype and want to hear about people's favorites! First of all it was so great being welcomed back as a player. I took a much needed break and it was nice to come back to my Oregon friends and family, even if as a new character. My search for embarrassing stories about Kel...
  3. hbirdgirl

    Question for Members of the Celestial Guild

    Hello friends, Would any members of the Celestial Guild be able to ask about the price for a Destroy Magic for me? Thank you, Orin
  4. hbirdgirl

    March Event Favorites

    I love reading favorite moments, I hope everyone will share :) 1. Orin going for 0 to 3 ritual castings in one night. 100% so far *knock on wood* 2. Being asked to be an Ambassador, never imagined that for Orin. Then dealing with the consequences that come with that responsibility. 3. Babies...
  5. hbirdgirl

    Improving the Earth Circle

    Friends, The Earth Circle of Foxbridge has seen more activity of late, and because it has not been used for quite a while it does not have the amenities that many of us are used to. I have spoken with Guildmaster Bridgeman, and am looking assistance in making the Earth Circle of Foxbridge a...
  6. hbirdgirl

    Community Book of Last Wishes

    To Friends old and new in the community of Foxbridge, Many of you may remember that after the tragic losses of several friends and loved ones in the Golden Horn I began to collect last wishes from any who wish to leave them in a special book. In this land where resurrections are more difficult...
  7. hbirdgirl

    Late night musing question

    So last night as I was falling asleep a random question popped in my head: If any pair combination of Gypsy, Barbarian, or Human had a baby how would they know what race it is?
  8. hbirdgirl

    May Event Favorites

    Starting it off with mine :) 1. Cael's spirit farewell with his parents was beautiful and sad. 2. Max's spirit farewell was bittersweet and lovely. 3. The Chaos elementals wanting the boat was just too funny. 4. Totally forgetting about Evil Luke and thinking it was Zaka. 5. Everything about...
  9. hbirdgirl

    Final Wishes

    My friends, As you know we have lost many of the past two years, and now we are off to face a new threat, and it is possible that more lives will be lost in our next effort. In case it comes to that, and not to be morbid, but prepared; I have begun collecting letters containing final wishes...
  10. hbirdgirl

    March Event Highlights!

    I guess I will get ball rolling with mine, I had a lot and this is the short list. :) Vishkin’s spirit farewell was bittersweet and fun, truly a celebration of his life and hopefully if any of my characters ever have one, it will be like that. Virid’s funeral was beautiful, everyone said great...
  11. hbirdgirl

    February Event Highlights!

    No one has done it yet, so I will :) My many event highlights included: -Having Flynn and Luke come at the right time to help us with the Hark trap, otherwise it would have been one upside down Gypsie and two Dryads who have nothing sharp. Thanks again! -Working to close one of the portals and...
  12. hbirdgirl

    Lost at game day: brown gloves

    Hey all, I believe I left a pair of brown leather gloves at the campsite this last game day. If you found them please let me know. Thanks!