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  1. Ryan W

    Celestial Guild stock

    Greetings citizens and friends! The Royal Celestial Guild of Stradyn is low on supplies. We're currently looking for the following to better serve the people and the crown... Visions (This item is the highest priority of the list) Lores Whispering Winds Planar Asylums Planar Gate/ Catalyst...
  2. Ryan W

    Traveler in need of borrowing sword phys rep

    Hey all! Ryan W here. I can't wait to come out there this weekend! Traveling across country is hard though, so I can't bring any weapon phys reps with me. Would anybody happen to have a short sword phys rep I could borrow for the weekend? I could use a shield too, but I'd be cool with just a sword.
  3. Ryan W

    An energetic voice through the mist

    Hey everybody! This is Warden!(Luke Bluwolf) It's been almost a year since I came out to meet everyone, but now Cookie (Raganzi)and myself will be coming out there in about a month. We're stoked to see you all and probably fight stuff and maybe solve some puzzles and kill undead. We're making...
  4. Ryan W

    Seeking Arcane Armor Scroll for Puck

    Many of you may recall meeting Puck the Wylderkin. He is a good friend to our people. He is reaching out to us in search of an Arcane Armor scroll. If anybody is willing to part with one please contact myself or Puck directly if you are able. Thank you. -Luke Bluwolf
  5. Ryan W

    Resolved Wands, Oak of the Arcane, and Rituals

    I'd like some clarification. Is it possible in the current rules to use a staff as a wand while benefiting from the Enhance/Greater Wand rituals? The Enhance wand and Greater wand rituals state that they must be cast on approved wand phys reps... Greater Wand Enhanced Wand Wands as...
  6. Ryan W

    Ritual scroll auction from September gather

    To reward those of us who were in attendance at our last gather 2 weeks ago, Magistrate Le’reshti has rewarded those present a Mist Sense and Race Reaver ritual scroll. We will be auctioning both to those who were present during our ordeals alongside the High Orc clans we now call allies. Race...
  7. Ryan W

    Sword phys rep for west coast player

    Hey everybody! I'm one of the players coming to visit you all from the west coast. I'm super stoked to see you all this weekend and experience your chapter for the first time. Flying with weapons on a plane is hard though, so I find myself lacking a short sword phys rep. If there's anybody...
  8. Ryan W

    Loot split from last gather

    From the last gather in the Ceriopolis we had 2 groups split up Saturday evening. Group A went down into The Depths with 2 relics of life and death, while group B stayed topside to fight the most over powered army of vampires I've ever had the burden of engaging. Lists were made of those who...
  9. Ryan W

    Scroll auction from sunday morning last gather

    To those who took place in the harsh battle against Dust-Ro and his forces Sunday morning in Elara, you might recall a list of names being taken of those present. Anybody whose name is on the list is eligible to participate in the auction for the ritual scrolls we received from that morning. I...
  10. Ryan W

    Lore scroll needed

    I'm in need of a lore scroll to use in Sedovia. Please contact me if you can aid me in this. -Luke Bluwolf
  11. Ryan W

    Cabins for the upcoming game

    As game approaches and we're making our preparations for the big new campaign, sleeping arrangements are being planned and prepped, and we're encouraged to mix it up a bit where we've been staying. Also cabin #6 is the long one that was having some work done on it. Do we know how that's coming...
  12. Ryan W

    Ritual Casting Lecture Next Gather

    To Scholars, future Wizards, and the curious, I will be performing multiple ritual castings on Saturday the 6th in the Celestial Circle, sometime around 2pm. I will be giving a lecture to those present and interested on the mechanics and procedures of how to perform rituals...
  13. Ryan W

    Looking for Catalysts

    Hey everybody, Luke here One of the projects I'm working on since forming a Celestial Guild in these lands is a list of Catalysts for rituals whose magic is tied to the golden horn. I am asking for any help I can get. If you have any rituals from these lands that require a catalyst, I would...
  14. Ryan W

    March Event Lost and Found

    Lost and found: Red&Black tapestry So as I was leaving site this morning, I think I left my black and red tapestry behind. I think I put it down or dropped it while saying goodbyes to people. If anybody found it or knows where it is, could you please let me know? Sincerely, Ryan Wessner aka Luke