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    Official 2.0 Rule Book

    Hello Everyone, We now have an official 2.0 rule book for Alliance LARP. Here is a link to the announcement post. Have a great day. :) Dustin
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    Alliance Oregon Fundraiser

    Good Afternoon Everyone, Alliance Oregon is running a fund raiser. Here is a link :) Dustin
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    Alliance Calgary Fundraiser

    Good Morning Everyone, Alliance Calgary is running a fund raiser. Here is a link :) Dustin
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    Alliance UT Fundraiser

    Good Morning Everyone, Alliance UT is running a fund raiser here is a link. :) Dustin
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    NPC Shifts

    Alliance LARP NH utilizes its NPC participants in shifts. The shifts are as follows: Friday 10pm -2am Saturday 10am - 2pm Saturday 2pm - 6pm Saturday 9pm - 1am Sunday 10am - 2pm If a participant who is registered as a PC completes a full NPC shift they will be rewarded with 120 Goblin Stamps...
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    Defunct Chapter/Campaign Ritual Scrolls

    If a player turns in a Ritual Scroll from a defunct chapter or campaign, that contains a Ritual Effect within the standard Alliance LARP Rules, they may be issued a replacement NH LCO Ritual Scroll. Use of this policy will be dependent on having some means of verifying the defunct Ritual...
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    Alliance GB Fundraiser

    Good Afternoon Everyone, Alliance GB is running a fundraiser with a 6:1 GS to dollar ratio. Here is a link. :) Dustin
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    Plot Staff Recruitment

    Good morning Everyone, Alliance LARP NH’s Videa Campaign is looking for full time plot staff members. This Major Staff position would require; attendance and NPCing at most Videa events, participation in voice chat meetings on Discord, and utilizing Alliance LARP NH’s Google Drive folder for...
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    Mint Workstations

    Specialized LCO Workstations are now available and can be purchased for 20 Mint each. Workstations come equipped with the tools and instructions necessary to produce items that are similar in function to regular production items, but that are made using differing methods as well as alternate...
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    Outside LCO MI Policy

    Any LCO magic items from other Alliance LARP chapters are also valid, in a limited capacity, at Alliance LARP NH events. These items must contain only rituals that exist in the National List in order to qualify for use at Alliance LARP NH events. No Plot Artifacts or Plot Effects from other...
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    Player Age Restrictions Policy

    The minimum age of players for Alliance NH is 16. There are some restrictions for the participation of players under the age of 18. Players under 18 will need to have their legal release signed by their parent or legal guardian at Logistics, also they will need to have a parent or legal guardian...
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    Cinderfel Character History Guidelines

    This post includes information on character creation, guidelines for submitting a character history, tips for writing a character history, and examples of character histories. Character Creation Are you ready to make a character? Your character's class (such as Fighter or Scholar) and race...
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    Cinderfel Campaign Effects and Policies

    This thread lists and describes the various campaign effects and policies that Alliance LARP NHs Cinderfel Campaign uses. When additional campaign effects are added in game, this list will be updated, and a notification of the update will be made on the Cinderfel Facebook Page. Please feel free...
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    BETA Copies of the Rule Book and Players Guide Available

    Good Afternoon Everyone, Mike has published BETA copies of the 2.0 ARB and Players Guide. He has requested feedback be posted in the thread that he opened with links to the documents. I am providing a link to that post below. The books will likely change as the are finalized in the next few...
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    Dragon Stamps Update

    Good Morning Everyone, The official announcement regarding Dragon Stamps has been updated to its 2.0 compliant version. I am sharing a link to the post below. :) Dustin
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    CMA update

    Good Morning Everyone, Chris has made a post regarding the CMA that is having final database imports done and will be going live soon. I am sharing a link to his informative post below. Please make sure that we used an up to date email address for you and know that soon everything done in the...
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    Cinderfel In-Between Game Actions

    Eligibility: You may submit an In-Between Game Action after an event you attended or pay-no-played. An IBGA submission informs plot what your character would attempt to accomplish before the next event. You may submit an IBGA for any one of your characters, even if that is not the character...
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    In-Game Board Policy

    This board represents public communication by characters. It is primarily intended to represent an actual tavern wall public postings board, in the tavern at Mournstead. Otherwise, posts will state at their beginning where the information is located. Any character who is in Mournstead can post...
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    Cinderfel LCO Carryover Policy

    Any LCO magic items from other Alliance NH campaigns are also valid in Alliance Cinderfel if it contains only rituals that exist in the National List. All other Alliance NH Ritual Scrolls and Catalysts will still be valid in Alliance Cinderfel, with the exception of Charred Scrolls from...
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    Cinderfel Ritual Cap

    Alliance LARP NH’s Cinderfel campaign has no Ritual Cap for its 2019 Season. Any Alliance character may bring any number of rituals into game with them.