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  1. KyleSchmelz

    Dredging up ancient history

    Hey! I missed the last gathering or two but when we wrapped things up in May we didn't actually divide up the haul at the end of the day, and we did it all here in the Dreaming. I paid for what I bought in the auction and I picked up my necklace, but I didn't actually get my cut. Somewhere out...
  2. KyleSchmelz

    Recent ARC clarification on magic/spell augmentation Specifically point 3. Is this a change from 1.3 or have Chicago and Minnesota been playing this wrong for the last decade? The interpretation of the rules locally has been that Magic delivery (whether...
  3. KyleSchmelz

    An Introduction

    Pardon my intrusion upon your resting thoughts. I shall soon find myself joining Wayside's adventuring community to ply my skills and wished to introduce myself to ease any possible tensions. My name is Talus Duskmere, formerly of the Great Mage Collective but more recently residing in Tympany...
  4. KyleSchmelz

    Conjurin' sumtin special

    Hey so GRONK gots a favor ta ask from all da adventurers at da next gaddering. And by a favor I mean I'll pay ya, so really it's more like a job. Gertie's gonna Summon a Catalyst fer a ritual so we can make a new magic weapon ta help fight all da new stuff we're seein in da new times. Da...
  5. KyleSchmelz

    Some rules reminders for the off-season

    Hey guys! There are a few rules things that have come up in the last year or so that I wanted to remind everyone of as we go into the off-season. As I usually point out, I'm not a member of staff anymore, so don't take this as any sort of message from staff, though I am a rules marshal. Web and...
  6. KyleSchmelz

    GRONK's gonna try sumtin'

    Hey, so two tings. GRONK's kinda curious since da Giant's Walk kinda got destroyed and a Chimera Spirit actually popped out in full force, what dat means fer da Chimeric Spirits in general. Da udder ting is GRONK can cast rituals now. And I got a Summon Chimera Spirit scroll. So I wanna...
  7. KyleSchmelz

    August Event Donation Requests

    Hey guys! The guest plot team is busy working on some cool stuff for the upcoming August event but there are a few things we could use some help with and a couple things we noticed monster camp is low on. (It's hard to run a bunch of High Orcs with no green makeup!) Specifically we're looking...
  8. KyleSchmelz

    August Guest Plot Event Info

    Hello! The Southern Minnesota Alliance LARP August 18-20 Weekend Event is a special Guest Plot Team event! This means that a group of non-staff players are stepping up to run an event while the ordinary staff gets to step back and PC! All of that said, here’s a bit of event-specific information...
  9. KyleSchmelz

    Let's go pick some flowers! Also there's a skeleton.

    Hey all! I've been chatting up the local craftsman around Tin Town to see if there's anything interesting in the area. I've heard about a little meadow with some flowers that are showing interesting characteristics, and it seems like they're most interesting at night, but that's at least partly...
  10. KyleSchmelz

    Eye of da Storm

    Hey so GRONK was gonna head back ta Wayside for a while but I got sumtin I gotta get done first. Sounds like we got most a' doze artifacts we been lookin' for but ain't nobody done anyting on da Eye of da Storm. I gots a Vision scroll and I got components and I got a pretty good idea what to...
  11. KyleSchmelz


    Hey so GRONK learned some good stuff 'bout da Desmodus. Summa you guys probly already know dis cuz Fiona didn't really seem surprised on a lot of it when I told her. Desmodus are dumb bat people and dere's tree types of 'em. Dere's da little brown guys, called Lessers. Dey're pretty dumb but...
  12. KyleSchmelz

    Sharkkins comin' toward Arbor

    Hey adventurer types, GRONK ain't gonna be around dis weekend but I got some info for you guys. Dere's a group of like 300 Sharkkins comin' toward Arbor, or along da Arbor coast maybe, and dey'll be at or near Arbor on Friday night. Dey're led by a pair of like Fey-powered Sharkkins called Slash...
  13. KyleSchmelz

    Protectors of the Earth Guild

    With the recent rise in undead activity, it seems like a good time to put out a call for more to join the Protector Branch of the Earth Guild. Defenders and Protectors of the Earth Guild serve as the sword arm of the Earth Guild: defending its Healers in their pursuits and rooting out Necromancy...
  14. KyleSchmelz

    Martial skills and damage types in the new system

    I'm curious how the martial per-day skills will work with the new [Number][Qualifier][Effect] scheme when they interact with things like Magic Blade, Elemental Blade, Weapon Coatings, etc, that grant the attack an additional Effect. Slays and Assassinates were changed to just call a larger...
  15. KyleSchmelz

    Dryad Racials

    In the ARB 2.0 0.7 document, it states that Dryads gain access to Edged weapons, but there's no mention of removing their current armor restrictions. Given that armor is changing to a more appearance-based approach in the new rules, and given that leather over padded cloth is 3 point armor now...
  16. KyleSchmelz

    Alchemical recipe book to borrow, rent, or buy?

    Hello! I met a handful of you at the end of last year under some... interesting circumstances. After a few months to get my head back on straight, I'm coming back to Gaden to take another go at this "adventuring" thing. There are a couple things I could use when I get there, though. I've been...
  17. KyleSchmelz

    Red makeup?

    Does anyone have some red makeup I can borrow this weekend? I don't need a lot, I just need to do a little detail stuff on my face.
  18. KyleSchmelz

    May event favorites

    Somebody's gotta do it! This has been my favorite event so far since I switched over to the PC side of things. Lots of good RP, fun mods, tough fights, and great food. I'm just sad the next event is so far off. :| I'm sure I'll end up leaving some stuff out, but here we go: - Hearing...
  19. KyleSchmelz

    Anybody got space for a GRONK?

    Hey so I don't know who all's gonna be dere dis weekend. I tink dis part a' Westhaven gots cabins dat fit eight people each. Anybody got an extra spot in a cabin dat's gonna have a Ward up? GRONK
  20. KyleSchmelz

    GRONK's got a couple tings ta look into

    By da way Silp, hey, I looked into dat ting you asked about but I gotta get some folks ta help so we got a mission fer people. So Silp's tryin' ta track down a ritual catalyst and I tink I know where it is but I could use some help gettin' it cuz apparently brave people keep goin' to look at it...