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  1. Axle

    Can you Evade a gas or trap globe?

    Do gas globes and trap globes count as weapons for purposes of evade?
  2. Axle

    Claw Florentine

    So it looks like the Claw description in 2.0 beta rulebook was copied from the old document. The text says you need Two Weapon or Style Master to use two claws, but with the change to Florentine being able to use 2 short weapons at once, 2 claws (which cannot be longer than a short weapon)...
  3. Axle

    Empowered Strike is Useless

    Gotcha, thanks for the clarification
  4. Axle

    Empowered Strike is Useless

    Ok what defines a signature spell vs any spell? I couldn't find that in the rule book
  5. Axle

    Empowered Strike is Useless

    Empowered strike seems to be strictly worse then magisterium strike because it costs more xp to get, it's only utility when it comes to necromantic spells gets replaced by Combined Strikes passive ability to spell strike any memorized spells anyway, and it doesn't get any benefit like Magi...
  6. Axle

    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    The Pin Spell is missing it's full description entry under the Effects section even though it's listed in the Chart
  7. Axle

    Consolidated Rulebook?

    Since everyone needs to be using the new ruleset by the end of the month is there a place I can see the consolidated rulebook? If not when can we expect one?
  8. Axle

    Spell strike with a weapon you don't have the skill for

    I just picked up a blunt weapon that has spellstrike stored in it. I only have 1 handed edged. I was told that I can still swing that weapon for those spell strikes, just not damage or block with it. Is this correct or do I need the 1 handed blunt skill to use those spell strikes?
  9. Axle

    Aug 31 - Sept 3, 2018 - Long Weekend Pre-Registration!

    I think I may have selected no meal plan on the pre reg form. Can you add me to the meal pan list? I've already prepaid.
  10. Axle

    Pre-registration for Enerret Event August 17-19

    Mind moving me into Cabin 8? Looks like my request had some overlap.
  11. Axle

    [.11] Unified Blow

    Yep, and if you go pure scholar you can get it sooner as well because the road to formals is cheaper. I'd be super willing to buy a couple backstabs, some evades, and a dodge for being able to throw for x10 spell level body damage. Plus you get more cheap damage after that point by just...
  12. Axle

    [.11] Florentine and Claws

    So old florentine only let you use a dagger as your secondary weapon. The .11 changes allow you to use two short weapons together with the florentine skill. So does this mean two claws (which must be short sword length) can be used with just the skill florentine instead of having to buy two...
  13. Axle

    [.11] Character Management Application - Free Play

    Seconding this as it's my main concern when trying to decide between fighter and scout. Great job on the app so far though!
  14. Axle

    Playtest Character Builder (for ARB 2 v11)

    Not sure why, but this breaks down when trying to change classes from Fighter to others for comparison. I think it's because you're not taking into account the changes for the cost of Critical Attack from class to class.
  15. Axle

    Looking for a certain someone...

    I think we got her added to the facebook group and connected them. Thanks for coming out to the game and hope to see ya at another one soon!
  16. Axle

    Crossbow hit counts as a hit?

    Hi all, I use a crossbow pretty extensively whenever in in the secondary or back line of a fight. I know I cannot block with the crossbow, but if a stray arrow packet hits it or a monster claw swings and hits my crossbow, do I treat it as if it had hit my body? It hasn't come up yet but I...
  17. Axle

    This gather

    (Stevaan gives a quick bow of his head and crosses him arm across his chest, a hurried show of respect, before speaking excitedly: ) My Lady Empress, I have few things that I would ask for. If I were to ask for anything would be jade or obsidian with which to fashion weapons to fight the...
  18. Axle

    Ritual: Render Indestructible and rope

    Ritual text states that the measurements of the object being rendered indestructible cannot be more than 10’ by 10’ by 1’ If my target for the ritual is a rope does this mean that I can have a length of rope that could fit within that 10 x 10 x 1 foot cubed area? I guess what I'm looking for is...
  19. Axle

    Dark elf makeup requirement change

    My personal dark elf head-cannon is that they evolved camouflage to hunt adventurers and miners always coming down into their caves for resources.
  20. Axle

    Undead and Gifts of Life and Death

    Ok nevermind, just reread the part about going from metabolism to no metabolism makes one immune to Life and Death. Sorry folks!