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  1. Aubry

    Logistics Reminders for PC's and NPC's

    As a reminder the current NEPA site has no access to the internet. Therefore, no changes can be made by logistics to a character on site. This includes creating preprinted spell lists. If spell lists are missing you will be required to write them by hand. Pre-Registration is to be done at the...
  2. Aubry

    Warning i29 wash out and bridge closed if comming from binghamton

    Anyone comming from the Binghamton that take i29 directly to the site, take another route. The one lane bridge at the crossroads (ridge road and 706) is closed. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
  3. Aubry

    Logistics Friday Night

    I will be receiving pre-logs up until tomorrow at 3 pm. Link Also, if you are planning on arriving after 11 pm please message me, either here or the logistics email. Looking forward...
  4. Aubry

    Important logistics info & Please Pre-Logist

    Hey, We are coming up in the first Stormbreak event of the season! SO MUCH HYPE! Please submit your info to logistics ASAP. It makes Friday night go so much easier and we can start game when plot and cast are ready rather then them waiting on me. I work on the pre-logists up until Thursday...
  5. Aubry

    Off Season Logistics

    Hello. Just a small announcement during the off season, I will be responding to emails Tuesdays and Thursdays. The exceptions are character transfers for winter events. Monthly blankets are still being automatically applied, and the online data base has been updated and will continue to be...
  6. Aubry

    Logistics Help for the October event

    Hey All, I'm looking for 2-3 people to help out in logistics this coming weekend. I especially need some one who is knowledgeable in doing production maths. I will be onsite early. Promise of snacks Message me here or on Facebook. Thanks Danielle
  7. Aubry

    Ride from Binghamton NY

    Looking to car pool from Binghamton to the GB closer. I can leave anytime Friday. I pack lite. I will cover gas. I would only need a ride one way. Pm me on here or FB. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Danielle
  8. Aubry

    Back by popular demand. Dagger Duel!!!

    The Gilded Claw is is happy to announce that we will be sponsoring the dagger duel during this tournament. Rules are Two participants fight until one gives up, drops the rope, or succumbs to their wounds. Each shall only use a dagger in one hand and hold a rope in the other. No armor or...
  9. Aubry

    July- low level event npc food/water donations?

    I know at the June event npc camp was low on bottled water( or so I was told). I'm just wondering if npc camp was in need of donations of food/water so I can buy some I advance . Thanks :thumbsup:
  10. Aubry

    Lesser Invest ritual.

    I'm looking for a lesser invest ritual. I need some one that can spell craft lesser invests and will allow the ritual to be spell crafted from. compensation .. trade or gold.. also any one selling this ritual I would be interested in that as well. Aubry
  11. Aubry

    Hand made chain maille

    Hey everyone, I have some awesome pieces for sale. check it out ... &aid=41286 I do make bigger stuff and custom pieces. Thanks for looking
  12. Aubry

    Need a ride to the low level event

    My sister and i would love to npc the low level event but we need a ride. we have a little money for gas or we could pay in food or baked goods. We live in Binghamton its about 34 miles north of the hq site. also i do need to stay to make sure the site is clean. anyone who is willing to give us...
  13. Aubry

    Please read if you helped clean the site this past event.

    Important!!! If you helped clean the site please pm me with your name, player number, and what you did. Please do not assume some one saw you doing the work. This is so i can tell the appropriate people so you can get you gobbies. I need to have all names by friday. Thanks , Danielle
  14. Aubry

    Want to buy or trade for... Im looking for a ritual ... spell store... and a piece of oak which was struck by lightning. We would first like to trade but if the discs of metal are more important to you.. I have thoes too. You can dream directly to me and tell me what you would like for it. (pm me here) ... ok BYE...
  15. Aubry

    The Baronial Court of Nordenn

    Nordenn, I wish to know who of Nordenn will be at the first gather to Fairdale. I would like to schedule a meeting for friday night. Squire Raven and I have been away some time due to unfortunate family business. I hear whispers that our Lady Knight will be there,... but every thing is so...
  16. Aubry

    Food at the Kids HQ event

    As of right now im considering cooking / baking for the event but i need to know if there are children with peanut allgeries or any other allergies. Please post here. Also when i get the menu together ill post. Im not sure if it will be a meal or just snacks they can get through the tavern...
  17. Aubry

    My sister wants to Page

    My sister is 14 and wants to page this comming hq event what paperwork dose my mom have to fill out and is the cost the same. I know my mom has to be there all week end and she will be. What eles do i have to do? Danielle
  18. Aubry

    Furniture Donations

    Ok on my way home last event Bobby and I found a solid woden desk. we want to donate it i know that at closing cermonies we had discussed this but who do i find when we arrive at the site and what is the gobbie renge for these donations? Danielle