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  1. Greimalk

    Huge High Ogre tusks

    I have switched from a set of friendly plastic tusks, to a small set of resin horns that are then glued to the corners of my mouth. They give the full appearance of tusks but do not interfere with my teeth, speech, eating or drinking.
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    2016 National event kitchen help

    Done and done
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    Meal Plan Menu

    Will volunteers be needed to assist in the kitchen or help with clean up? If so, sign me up.
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    2016 National Event - FAQ (aka The Information Post)

    Are volunteers needed for kitchen duty or other tasks during the event and if they are I would like to submit my name for a shift helping.
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    2016 National Event - PrePay List

    Can you update the list please Thanks,
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    Dungeon Run Team Organization

    Our team currently stands as: Seville Kai, Scarlett Kumari Shatrevar (Lvl 18 High-Ogre Celestial Templar) and possibly Stig. We do not have a dedicated healer as of yet and hoping not to rely on potions.
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    Heading to the inn

    Returning as the sun is setting, Shatrevar shifts the parcels under his arms and moves through the crowd to the bar and looks for Boone.
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    Ogre's Head

    Shatrevar cloaked and shrouded in shadow, steps into the Ogre's Head and looks around the tavern. As his eyes adjust he spies Cyrill and moves slowly through the tavern toward his table and stops at his table and say "May I sit". Several linen wrapped packages can be seen under his arms. Moved...
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    Heading to the inn

    "Ah, there you are Boone" Shatrevar smiles and puts a few coins on the bar, "I'd like a room for the next several months and I'll take that drink as well. If anyone is looking for me that even smells like they represent the Guard or the Sanctum, I am not here" Shatrevar places a few more coins...
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    Heading to the inn

    Shatrevar had avoid all the main roads in Calenhelm to arrive at this inn located in one of the more dark and decrepit areas of the city. Straightening his cloak and concealing himself further he steps inside the Dancing Dagger taphouse and proceeds through the mass of customers to the bar...
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    Looking for Garridan or Isawda

    Shatrevar wanders Parson's Breach seeking Masters Garridan or Isawda so that he can ask them an important question, how to learn the language of his Liege Jur-ah. They understood what he had said and were able to translate his words for Shatrevar, but he wished to know it himself so that he...
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    An answer to a question

    Standing at a respectful distant, Shatrevar says quietly "Excuse me Master Isawda, may I have a few moments of your time; I wish to ask you a few questions of my Lord, Jur'ah the High-Ogre".
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    An answer to a question

    Bowing formally, "Thank you Master Garridan, I shall seek him out and see if he knows anything, for I have some very serious questions that require answers". Turning away Shatrevar looks across the commons and the town looking for any sign of Master Isawda.
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    An answer to a question

    Shatrevar moves slowly, still suffering from his injuries from the battles recently as he seeks out Master Garridan. Spying him finally across the commons of Parson's Breach, he waves at him and then casually walks over. Coming to stand next to him, Shatrevar bows slightly to him and then asks a...
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    July Event Review "Time is of the Essence"

    1. Post your favorite moments * The chance to finally challenge another High-Ogre. * RPing stalking Scarlet around the breach waiting for him to use necromancy. 2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix) * The chance to finally challenge another High-Ogre and...
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    A notice on the tavern board

    "Ahhh, thank you Master Garridan. I spoke with the Sheriff and someone had turned in the fin, so I retrieved it and gave it to Mistress Nadja already". "I spoke with my companion Nazrat and impressed upon him the importance of not just leaving items laying around any longer; thank you for all...
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    Remmington call to arms.....

    Shatrevar looks upon the assembled forces and nods, they should have enough strength of arms and magic to handle any average threat they would encounter. Looking to Daimyo, he states " If you have the inclination and the time Good Daimyo, you would be more than welcome to join our mission, but...
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    A notice on the tavern board

    Shatrevar pins a notice to the board within the tavern as he prepares to leave town on his way to the Remmington estate. Lost / Misplaced A reagent has been lost that is needed by Nadja. The item is a "sharks fin" which was recovered by my fellow adventures and I from a land shark (oog...
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    Remmington call to arms.....

    In the early morning light of the new day Shatrevar walks calmly to the center of the commons and pauses for a moment and looks around. Parsons Breach is quiet and peaceful for the moment, but he knows it will not last for soon he would need to shatter the stillness of the morning. Mobeus and he...
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    Event Review June: Times are Changing

    1) Favorite: Walking back from the cabin and almost missing the hidden gnoll played by Logan as he was about to sneak on me. 2) Least Favorite: My own attitude; the game is as much fun as you bring too it and I was not ready / in the "mood" for most of Saturday. Sorry if I affected anyone else's...