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    Seeking a Scroll

    I am seeking a controlled spirit store scroll usable in Isenia. Please contact me privately if you have onne that you would be willing to part with. In Service, Sir Dorian Immervale Knight of Nordenn
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    September 2013 Favorites

    It was a wild ride... Please let your fellow players (and your plot team) know what you liked the most this weekend!
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    Lost Garb Shirt

    Hey folks. I left a natural/white sleeveless Time Traveler shirt in NPC camp after the lowbie. I don't know if someone tossed it into laundry or what, but its the same shirt as the picture I've posted but in the aforementioned color. If anybody knows what happened to it and could let me know...
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    Dreaming of The Plains of Rage

    OOG: This is another pervasive dream. Things are felt so that they are perceived as written even though much of it is not spoken. It had been a long journey south. Not long ago she remembered kicking a chest of gold back at some foolish lordling who tried to buy peace with coin. They had not...
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    Dreams of Unknown Places

    A man knelt sobbing, pleading to the figure before him. It, or he rather stood taller than any man should, his skin a deep blue with horns and ears like an elf of the mystic wood. The large man spoke… "I sympathize with your pain. Believe me when I tell you than none do more than I, but this...
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    Dreaming of Camulous

    OOG: This is a dreamlike vision that is pervasive. Any who read the following may perceive the dream. Nevin Kendrick had never been to the isles. It had never really suited him. To be this deep in the heart of it, he'd seen no other human in days and it was a bit unsettling. He walked down the...
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    For Sale

    I found a thing. It's a necklace that can allow a fighter to invoke the power of a lightning storm twice per day. I think it will travel through the mists if you wanted it to. Please send me offers if you would like to buy it. I would really like to keep it and use it myself, but apparently it...
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    What was the Doctor's name?

    Hi! I'm trying to figure out a few puzzles and see if I have all of the pieces. One that I know is missing is "The Doctor's" actual name. Did anybody figure out what that was? Thanks... Mal
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    Charging Glow In the Dark Products

    At the national some folks had what I think were UV flashlights they were using to charge the glow in the dark stuff very rapidly. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on particular brands/models of flashlights that worked best for this.
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    Shields: what can and cannot interact with them.

    I've got a multipart questiion that boils down to: what can and cannot be on a shield (and still have it function for blocking) and what cannot. I've seen the underarm tuck plenty and I'm under the impression that people do that because if the sword touched the shield it would cease to function...
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    Holding Packets

    I'm trying to come up with some alternatives for holding packets other than the cauliflour hand. I've been kicking around bandolier ideas but I can't seem to get it to hold the packets steady enough to not fall out when running but still be easy to pull off and throw. Does anybody have any...
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    Seeking a Ritualist

    I was hoping an experienced ritualist might be out there and willing to answer some questions that I have about how ritual magics function in more detail. If you would be willing to speak with me about such matters let me know here or contact me privately. Thanks. Dorian
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    Last minute phys rep

    Can anyone bring an extra polearm for Tom (Noot)? His has been polearm-napped and Tom doesn't want to have no weapon all weekend.
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    Coffin Shield Measurements

    Does anyone have the dimensions of a typical max sized coffin shield around that they wouldnt mind sharing?
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    shield covers

    I'm considering making cloth covers for a shield so I could use the same shield for multiple pc's. What I haven't figured out is a good way to get heraldry/design onto the cloth I want. Does anyone have experience with decorating shield covers they could share with me?
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    Ring Mesh Sizing

    So I want to buy a Ringmesh shirt. I'm on their website looking at the measurements and I'm not sure if I should get a large or an extra large. My torso circumference is about 42 inches, which with their recommending leaving some extra room puts me in the large range. However, my arm...
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    So I'm building some shields

    I just started trying to make some shields. I've been using foam flooring (the interlocking puzzle pieces) and foam board. What I'm wondering is if I am required to put two layers of foam flooring together? Currently I'm thinking I cut the flooring into the shape I want the shield to be, then...
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    Disabling Effects

    When I say disabling effects, I'm talking about stuff like: Paralysis, Prison, Laugh, Nausea, Sleep generally stuff that knocks you out of game for 10 minutes (or until you die). Is there a reason these last for 10 minutes? I've been to a few games now at several chapters and I tend to see a...
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    Rogue Footwear

    I found a previous thread on footwear but it doesn't address my current concern. I play a rogue and currently either wear Vibram Five-Fingers (Which are awesome in every way that isn't being in period) or an old pair of plain black boots (which are terrible for running and sneaking). I'm looking...
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    Dwarf Beard

    Hey, does anyone have any ideas/opinions on where I can get a good dwarf beard? Any thoughts on some materials that work better/worse than others?