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    Into the night

    The events that had happened took it's toll on poor Yakov spirit. The abandonment in the plane of air by a fellow Sleeping Bunny, freeing the elemental titans, the countless battles where his attacks were futile, the theft of his sword, the slaughter that Karavale had unleashed upon the entire...
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    Event Review: September Super Long - "Time Heals All Wounds"

    1. When I didn't have to fight Sat morning and did the 'first aid' puzzle. 2. When my sword was taken. That pitch black 'fire titan' fight went on way too long. All the threshold monsters made me feel useless as a fighter. 3. I liked seeing lairs that didn't necessarily focus on combat. 4...
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    Event Review: Festival of Crows

    1. Post your favorite moments When Sevil fell down presenting the gift and when he died multiple times in the champion's battle... I should just shorten this to when Sevil fell down. When Kova mocked Al Azoun When Shaman whipped out a digiridoo and then went around and showed everyone Reggie...
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    Practice practice practice

    Yakov goes over to the tavern board to practice the skill that he had recently learned. "Fa-fa-fast-ee-vul" Yakov pauses for a second, "Fasteevul? Oh! Festival!" he smiles triumphantly. "Of ca-ca-ca-cows?" "Must be a local farmer thing." he thinks to himself. "I must find out what this...
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    July Event Review "Time is of the Essence"

    1. Post your favorite moments When Xelo jumped out the cabin back window to avoid the shadow, when in the gnoll lair other players came to help me out and I didn't die. 2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix) Fireworks going off at midnight on Saturday... woke me...
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    Event Review June: Times are Changing

    1. Post your favorite moments When Cory as a bullette phased in and did a 30 slay on me. I said "magic armor" then he hit me 3x 8dmg and I went down... 4x that battle. 2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix) Saturday Afternoon / Evening. Apparently there was a...