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  1. Breten

    The Dancing Dagger Taphouse

    "All right." Baumle finishes. "I'll let Lord Ashburn know that you'll be with him. For now, keep doing what you're doing. I'll contact you with more orders soon." With that he gets up from the chair, and heads towards where Mar is waiting. He claps the young barbarian on the shoulders and...
  2. Breten

    The Dancing Dagger Taphouse

    Commander Baumle looks around, and nods, "That they are lad, that they are." He takes a drink from his mug and then continues, "Well the good news lad, is that currently no charges will be laid against you as of now. Keep doing what I ask of you and you'll be fine. But the jobs not done yet...
  3. Breten

    The Dancing Dagger Taphouse

    As Talon gets his drink from the bartender, a gruff looking dwarf with a peg leg, the dwarf hands him his drink and says to Talon"He's already there sitting at the back." He nods in the direction of the man in the shadows. Talon approaches the man, he gestures for Talon to take a seat. As...
  4. Breten

    The Dancing Dagger Taphouse

    The Dancing Dagger Taphouse, a seedy little watering hole found just inside the wall, near the docks of Calanhelm. A small stone building, the only indication of what it is, being a hanging wooden sign above the door, the name of the tavern etched into lettering made to look like bones. The...
  5. Breten

    Talon's chance encounter...

    As Talon and Stig enter the Enclave, Stig's attention is caught up by some of the sights, as the Enclave is busy today. With the fighting in the streets between the Bandit King's men and the Sect, innocents are getting caught up in these skirmishes, so the Enclave and Sanctum are busy keeping...
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    An Invitation Arrives...

    Garridan nods as the messenger departs, turns to the others and says "well I guess I'll see you all tomorrow evening." and departs to finish some work in his alchemy lab.
  7. Breten

    An Invitation Arrives...

    Garridan hears the call, shaking his head at the lack of subtlety, though he's not surprised. Some people really like to have attention drawn to themselves he thinks. He gathers his things and heads out to the crier.
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    Favourite NPC : One Ale of an Evening

    Damn the poll didn't post. Apparently just didn't show on my phone
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    Favourite NPC : One Ale of an Evening

    Hey everyone time to vote for your favourite NPC!
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    Event Review: One Ale of an Evening

    I hope that everyone enjoyed the tavern night and the cliffhanger! Remember to get those IBGA's in! :) It means that it's that time again to ask for your thoughts on the event! 1. Post your favorite moments 2. Post your less favorite moments (if we don't know, we can not fix) 3. What you would...
  11. Breten

    Heading to the inn

    Boone nods at Shatravar and takes the coin, sliding it into the box. As he wipes the bar down and takes the empty mug from Shatravar, he says"Good luck finding what you need."
  12. Breten

    Heading to the inn

    A familiar face looks up from underneath the tavern, as Shatrevar notices Boone's sly grin turn to face him. "Ah Shatrevar, hope things are well. What can I do for you? An ale?"
  13. Breten

    2016 Seattle Season Pass - Special Holiday Pricing

    Is this still open?
  14. Breten

    Necromancy and Repercussions

    I took a beating at Nationals when Garridan was caught. I was being chased down by Ali as the were-panther and stopped and whipped a bunch of chaos crossbow bolts at her. Then later when Dave had put down Cory (Jax), a jumped in and hit him with I believe it was either some Assasinated 50...
  15. Breten

    Show off your costumes

    Yeah trying to fix that.
  16. Breten

    Show off your costumes

    Garridan during his brief time as a High Ogre.
  17. Breten

    The Frederick Plan

    Garridan has talked with Evo, Isawda and Siegert regarding thi. We have the Find Controlled Spirit Store to Locate Fredericks CSS Jar. Once we have that we can destroy it through a Destroy Magic Ritual. The Brotherhood has both of these though we need a Catalyst for the Destroy Magic...
  18. Breten

    An answer to a question

    "Garridan looks at Shatrevar, "Not much I am afraid, that was my first meeting with him as well. I do know that he's involved in the missions that Morrigan, Isawda and Evo are on but that's about all I know about him. And I suspect he is far older than he looks. I did see a flash of something...
  19. Breten

    The Parson's Breach Jailhouse Project

    Garridan sits at the table on the Brotherhood deck going through the items and coin gathered in the assualt on the gnolls. After years of weathering attacks from gnoll patrols, Az'Caine had authorized an attack on Kara Vale's forces. He wasn't sure what the General's opinion on the raid was...
  20. Breten

    A notice on the tavern board

    Garridan reads the note, and chuckles. Obviously someone left it just lying around. Everyone should know by now you can't just leave stuff lying around unattended. He searches Shatravar out and mentions to him, "Oh someone left a Shark Fin lying around, so Charlie grabbed it and I believe...