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    Dark streets of maddness

    wandering.. aimlessly.. torn.. broken... thoughts no longer expanding and weave plot upon plot.. he only focuses on one goal. "I have to get back.. but those fools" he rambles in his madness "It exists. A perfect world. My dream. i no it does. i was there. I no i was.." he bumps into pedestrians...
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    A weary day

    A gentle nights breeze washes over the fields of crops. A man rather oddly dressed lays staring at the stars in his dark camp. "Its been.." He smiles to himself.. "Perhaps too long.. Not like they burned it down.." The smile thins reflecting on his long travels through the areas of the land. It...
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    In a wooded area just outside the brea

    Just outside of the breach township in a grove of trees stands Sevil. Thinking and humming. "hmm hm hm hmm hmmm, o dear dear elf i pray thee do tell me.... Hm hmm... Hm hmmm hm hm hm hmmm hmm... So that may find the secrets you.." He freezes quickly picks eyes up to the sky. "what do i do...