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  1. Muir

    Enhance Signature Spell + United Blow

    The current text does not clarify, can Enhance Signature Spell be used to double the value of a Signature Spell for purposes of using it with United Blow?
  2. Muir

    LARP Soundtracks - Chicago Edition

    So our friendly neighbors up in SoMI have one of these going, and I thought it'd be fun to bring down. What do y'all listen to to get in the headspace to play? For Nikolai, it's pretty simple: Wanderlust King - Gogol Bordello In Hell I'll Be In Good Company - The Dead South F*'d With An...
  3. Muir

    Favorites from the new packet!

    I have one that really stands out on a first read: Love and Love #9 are both gone. :D Mend Armor Storm is intriguing as well, seems like an interesting backpacking tool for fights against critters with carriers.
  4. Muir

    Event Structure

    As I've mostly played the Midwest, with the occasional run to one of the coasts for a big event, I'm curious how this works for other people. How are your events structured? The usual setup I see here looks like this: Friday Night: Players start showing up at site open, help unload monster...
  5. Muir

    [.11] Higher Manifestation School Question

    So, an edge question. Is this a General ability? Assuming I'm playing a dual-school caster with Celestial formal magic levels and both an Earth channeling pool and a Celestial channeling pool, am I allowed to take the Higher Manifestation High Magic applied to the Earth pool? Fun character...
  6. Muir

    [.11] Refitting Arcane

    I can't find anything in the text in a quick look, so clarification question : I know refitting Arcane Armor requires Blacksmithing in 1.3, does that continue in 2.0? If so, why?
  7. Muir

    [.11] Trap Triggers

    So I'm doing a bit of downtime design, and something struck me. Given Room Traps no longer hit just the person setting them off, is there any reason one could not construct a timed trigger on a trap? Say a trap that fires off in 30 seconds or so to represent a slow match being lit when it is...
  8. Muir

    [.11] High Orc Racials

    Can I ask what the thought process behind replacing Resist Fear with Resist Poison for High Orcs was? I really like Resist Fear on them from an in-game standpoint, and it will be a major change for a lot of players who are used to their PCs being able to shrug of fear effects as that is a very...
  9. Muir

    [.11] Poll : Reworking Resurrection

    Reading the discussion on life spells and the social expectations imposed on earth casters has lead me to consider another aspect of that same question. In most every big fight, we generally have one or more earth casters who spend the entire mod evening sitting at a Circle of Power to perform...
  10. Muir

    Combination Wards: Followup

    As a followup to the question posed under Combination Wards: Is it valid to have a ward set up and a circle of power placed inside such that it is physically impossible to stand inside the ward but not inside the circle?
  11. Muir

    .10 - Unintended Consequences of Targeting Rules

    Hello all, I don't think I've seen this change addressed: This strikes me as a marshalling nightmare in the making. At present, and so far as I can read under the .10 rules, we do not define what part of a character's costume specifically counts as part of their armor phys-rep. Does...
  12. Muir

    Spirit Forge

    My premise here is simple. We need a better way for players to change their Build expenditures than Spirit Forge in its current form. I assume that, like the last major rules change, existing characters will get a rewrite under the new rules. The playtest reports we've been seeing in the last...
  13. Muir

    [0.9] Why Does Teacher Still Exist?

    In the vein of the discussion surrounding Read and Write, I have similar questions regarding Teacher, as a skill. As it stands now, Teacher is effectively a bottleneck to OOG character advancement. We go to great pains to make clear in the rulebook that OOG character class and mechanics are...
  14. Muir

    Seeking Spirit Forge

    Hello adventurers, As I have spent the last few months learning what it is to be human, I find that many of the skills I once knew no longer sit easily on me, and others call out. I am now seeking to rectify this. If anyone has a Spirit Forge ritual scroll, and/or the relevant Catalyst they...
  15. Muir

    Trapping Cabins

    Per the ARB : Also : I've always been curious, how does this interact specifically with traps, given that trap cards generally have to be on the physrep for the trap? Especially when setting multiple traps in a room, should the tags be with the reps for easy identification, or with the notes?
  16. Muir

    Level Cap Question

    Hi folks, I'm looking to spread out and check out at least one chapter I haven't played this year, and have heard good things about yours. Thinking of coming out for April, perhaps. Out of curiosity, though, what is the level cap at for this game now? I recall that it's a rolling number...
  17. Muir

    Castle Event Menu

    Any word on what the food situation looks like for the event? For those ofwith dietary preferences, it helps to know if they need to haul in food.
  18. Muir

    [2.0] Read and Write

    Looking for a bit of clarification here. Why is Read/Write still so expensive under the new rules? For a skill that grants no game abilities save to serve as a pre-requisite for Read Magic, I'm not sure how to justify it as a 6 point skill for classes not 'intended' to be casters. Any chance...
  19. Muir


    One of the new lines in this particular playtest strikes me as poorly thought out. In any other situation where an indestructible item, be it a sword, a shield, a pouch, a pair of pants, or what have you is struck by a Shatter effect, the proper response is 'No effect'. Why, then would such a...
  20. Muir

    Magic Storm and Spellstrike

    To confirm, does this indicate that it is no longer a valid call to swing magic storm as a spellstrike that deals 10 damage? The situation that I have encountered under present rules is a monster planting its feet and rapid-firing repeated spellstrikes as a delivery method apparently altered by...