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    Pre-reg for Ashbury April event: CLOSED

    Tom Wilson paid to play Noot (he submitted paypal, doesn't have forum access at work)
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    Pre-reg for Ashbury April event: CLOSED

    I paid and posted back at the end of February but don't see my name on the list. Did you not receive my payment?
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    Pre-reg for Ashbury April event: CLOSED

    Sam O paying to play Dorian
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    Looking for a Ritual

    I am certain that Sir Undershaft is a noble and... upstanding citizen by all rights. I seek not to insinuate anything with regard to his noble... stature, merely to point out that in instances with a name like that I feel the intense desire to laugh uncontrollably. There are some things you just...
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    Looking for a Ritual

    Is your name really Tolgar Undershaft? -- Malrohiren
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    Seeking a Scroll

    I am seeking a controlled spirit store scroll usable in Isenia. Please contact me privately if you have onne that you would be willing to part with. In Service, Sir Dorian Immervale Knight of Nordenn
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    Declaration of intent.

    I would like to echo the words spoken by Captain Flint and many of the others here. I am not normally one to speak in this manner but I feel this situation warrants further support. This is not a problem that is singularly between Dame Brewer and Duke Kendrick. This is an issue that deserves the...
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    September 2013 Favorites

    It was a wild ride... Please let your fellow players (and your plot team) know what you liked the most this weekend!
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    September Pre-Reg

    Re: September Pre-Reg: DEADLINE SUNDAY SEPT 1 Just paid for the last private room.
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    September Pre-Reg

    Re: September Pre-Registration Just paid. PCing Dorian.
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    An Open Letter

    Dame Vacht, Thank you for being a beacon of strength and persistence in your lands. Castle Stirling has held strong under your leadership. Thanks to you and yours there is a Falkirk left to save. We have endured patiently waiting for an opportunity, we will not let it go to waste. - Squire...
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    Lost Garb Shirt

    Hey folks. I left a natural/white sleeveless Time Traveler shirt in NPC camp after the lowbie. I don't know if someone tossed it into laundry or what, but its the same shirt as the picture I've posted but in the aforementioned color. If anybody knows what happened to it and could let me know...
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    HQ's "Something For Everyone" Weapons Drive!

    Foamsmiths: Please note the change in max weapon lengths when making stuff for donations, particularly with short swords. 48" is the new max for long weapons, 36" is the new max for short.
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    Pre-registration for August is CLOSED

    Re: Pre-registration for August Can we snag the last cabin for Nordenn? Sam Owens, Collin, Tom H and Tom W are our 4.
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    Pre-registration for August is CLOSED

    Re: Pre-registration for August Sam Owens, PCing Dorian
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    July- low level event npc food/water donations?

    Granola bar type things, water and gatorade are in high demand for NPCs. Water is a given, other than that things that can be easily and quickly eaten/prepared between meals to fuel NPC's and keep the backbone of the game fueled would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for thinking of the...
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    Archery for August

    I would imagine it's going to be the same as was planned for the May event ( as that didn't actually get to run in May. Donna/Collin can correct me if they decided to change anything due to the number of different events planned for August.
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    Dreaming of The Plains of Rage

    OOG: This is another pervasive dream. Things are felt so that they are perceived as written even though much of it is not spoken. It had been a long journey south. Not long ago she remembered kicking a chest of gold back at some foolish lordling who tried to buy peace with coin. They had not...
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    Dreams of Unknown Places

    A man knelt sobbing, pleading to the figure before him. It, or he rather stood taller than any man should, his skin a deep blue with horns and ears like an elf of the mystic wood. The large man spoke… "I sympathize with your pain. Believe me when I tell you than none do more than I, but this...
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    Dreaming of Camulous

    Ashbans, It appears something has cued in everyone to my presence. I apologize for not making myself known earlier. I had meant to do so in person where my thoughts could not be overheard by unfriendly parties. As many of you who have not yet met me may have inferred, I have taken over as...