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  1. Khorwyn Brey

    April Ashbury event pre-reg

    Dave Ehrhart to NPC, just sent in my $30 for membership renewal. Also, I imagine the Court Formerly Known As Blythedale would like to reserve Pegasus as usual. See you soon!
  2. Khorwyn Brey

    August Event Favorites!

    Holy crap, is it good to be back. This year I had a lot of professional and financial obstacles standing in the way of me being the regularly attending player I usually am, and I must admit to having had a little LARP burn out/block in my own brain parts that really made me question whether or...
  3. Khorwyn Brey

    August event pre-registration CLOSED

    Some guy named Khorwyn Brey is gonna finally be there, or something. I am pre-logisted and pre-paid. Add me to the list please. :)
  4. Khorwyn Brey

    April event pre-registration CLOSED

    I see that I'm already on the list, but yes, I can confirm that I'll be NPCing. Also, I sent in my membership renewal, but forgot to indicate myself in the notes. So when you see $30 from, it's me! I was the turkey all along!
  5. Khorwyn Brey

    October event pre-registration CLOSED

    Nice! NPC Camp is growwwwwwing. :)
  6. Khorwyn Brey

    September Event Favorites!!

    Holy crap, NPC dream event! And this coming from the guy who brought Boneblade to life? Allow me to continue! 1. NPC/Monster Camp. It's been awhile since I've had the honor/privilege to perform alongside such a tirelessly motivated group of NPC's. Seriously. these guys and gals were ready and...
  7. Khorwyn Brey

    Sept event pre-reg closed

    IAN!!!!! - Smokey
  8. Khorwyn Brey

    August event favorites!

    The return of Khorwyn Brey! Alas, I was very much not a fan of myself for this event. I think I blew about 85% of my verbals, could hardly hit anything with my arrows, and needed to get checked for not finishing my damage calls before swinging. But despite all of my own mistakes, I still really...
  9. Khorwyn Brey

    Sept event pre-reg closed

    Sign this guy up as an NPC. (points to self)
  10. Khorwyn Brey

    "Morfs" -- basic rules for the August weekend

    This. Sounds. Terrifying. :eek:
  11. Khorwyn Brey

    A Plea To Alchemists & Earth Scholars

    I ask those of you traveling to assist in vanquishing these new undead foes in Thrommel to come prepared. Earth Scholars, please consider committing Earth Blades to your memories as you study. Alchemists, I ask that you consider creating as many Serious Vorpal Weapon Coatings as you can, so...
  12. Khorwyn Brey

    August event rules question

    Everybody has to carry a small undead make-up kit on them.....right? ;)
  13. Khorwyn Brey

    Hear Me, Ashbury Military

    All active soldiers of the Ashbury Military who are within traveling distance are ordered to assemble on the outskirts of Thrommel, Nordenn, at our Ducal encampment in a week from tomorrow. Upon arrival, seek myself or your immediate commanding officer for further orders. Due to the unusual...
  14. Khorwyn Brey

    August event pre-registration: closed

    Yeah, come on out guys and gals! It's cool, Khorwyn will be back, so you'll all be safe. ;)
  15. Khorwyn Brey

    2014 Ducal Tournament Events

    Just a few questions: 1. Will there be no traditional archery contest? 2. Will there be no trivia? 3. Is Survival replacing the Scavenger Hunt? 4. Is there a required minimum number of team members to enter? Thanks!
  16. Khorwyn Brey

    may event favorites

    Hey guys! Great times were had by a fellow named me. Here are a few of them! #1. Near. Constant. Combat. Seriously, it felt like the NPC's just didn't quit, and it really kept the pace of the event moving along. Thank you to all of the sword fodder that kept pouring out of NPC camp! :) #2...
  17. Khorwyn Brey

    August event NPCs wanted

    Sounds great!
  18. Khorwyn Brey

    May event preregistration CLOSED

    Those of us from Blythedale who will be in attendance have no problem hopping fence again.
  19. Khorwyn Brey

    Reminder: May Event

    Thanks for clearing up the length of the weekend!