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  1. Shenany-guns

    The Marquis' Estate (Monday)

    After a long and arduous political slog, Xerxes sits down to his desk, the paperwork already piling up. Taking a couple hours, he shifts through it all and stands to refill his drink at the sideboard. Sitting back to his desk, he grabs a quill and pens a quick missive reading: Grand Duchess...
  2. Shenany-guns

    DUNGEON RUN - Times and Order

    Alright everybody, the moment you've all been waiting for. We're starting setup at 9AM, so the more people we can get there for that the better, and we'll be tagging a couple people to play monsters for the first run. Anybody on the first two runs MUST be there for setup, and anyone on the...
  3. Shenany-guns

    Dungeon Run Teams

    Could all the Team Leaders please post your lists?
  4. Shenany-guns

    Off to the Duchess

    Returning from the castle, Boris makes a quick stop at the barracks, depositing his weapons in his locker. Upon exiting the building, the dwarf is quick to follow the advice of one of his comrades. Saluting the guards at the entrance to the Duchess's compound, he says "I vould speak to de...
  5. Shenany-guns

    Castle Entrance

    Brushing dust off his coat and readjustinghis arsenal, Boris strides carelessly into the castle. He beckons the first servant he sees. When the servant simply rolls his eyes, the dwarf yells "either you help me, or I find what I want myself!" Rather than allow such an uncouth being traipse...
  6. Shenany-guns

    One last drink.......session

    Fresh from his cot, Boris strides through the doors to the Ogre's Head. stopping at the bar for a pint of ale, he heads to the far corner and seats himself with his back to the wall, watching the crowds. He drinks deep, enjoying the taste, and hoping the drinks are no worse when he returns to...
  7. Shenany-guns


    Boris walks into the Ogre's Head and orders an ale from the tavern-keep. Retrieving his drink from the bar, the dwarf takes a long draught and looks around the room for any of his friends.
  8. Shenany-guns


    A large, misshapen creature can be seen entering the town. As it progresses through the town it splits into two. Upon further inspection, it can be seen that this is dwarf leading the largest dog you have ever seen. Boris leads the hound off into the fringes of the forest and takes the tack...
  9. Shenany-guns

    Along the streets

    A tired, bedraggled dwarf is seen walking into Calanhelm. He takes a look around the streets. Stopping the first person he sees, Boris asks "Do you know where I might find de trador of mounts Donna?"