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    Wayfarer's Guild Dispatch: Flooded Mine

    Reports have come in that a mine near Badril’s Rest has recently been discovered to be the den of a variety of monsters. Matters are complicated by the fact that the mine shafts are flooded and there is a steady stream of water and monsters exiting the mouth of the cave. Initial scouting has...
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    Wayfarer's Guild Dispatch: Purify Necromantic Phenomena

    Wayfarer's Guild Members and Adventurers at Large, The unusual increase in undead that leads into Candledark has not abated. For the few times that The Absence has been stable enough to explore this winter, large groups of mindless undead have been pouring out of an area of dense fog just...
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    (You Feel That You Are The Target Of A Whispering Wind)

    (You feel as if you are the target of an empowered whispering wind, along with other unknown rituals. A hollow voice echoes faintly on the wind. Those who recognize it feel the sender is Domino Dealer; those who do not recognize the name feel that the voice is connected to a staunch ally of the...
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    Wayfarer's Guild Dispatch: URGENT! Sudden Attack at Cyric's End

    Attention Wayfarer's Guild Members and Adventurers at Large, This evening, a distant humming sound was heard from the eastern border of Cyric's End, the side that faces The Absence. As the moon rose, a swarm of brown skinned creatures with glowing white cracks covering their bodies attacked the...
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    Wanted: Information Leading to the Rescue of Argotian Soldiers

    To all good and upstanding peoples of the Wildlands, House Argotia, of the Duchy of Leonidas, is looking for information regarding the disappearance of over two dozen elite soldiers that were dispatched to hunt down the remaining vestiges a radical group known as "The Claws of The Sun". This...
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    Wayfarer's Dispatch: Theft and Kidnapping at Badril's Rest

    Defenders of the Wildlands, Explorers of The Absence, Adventurers at Large: A rash of disappearances within the last 12 hours have devastated the community of Badril's Rest. The disappearances have been accompanied by an increase in attacks from Goblins, Trolls, and the like. Officials of House...
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    Wayfarer's Guild Report: Insectoid Presence to The East

    Defenders of the Wildlands, Explorerers of The Absence, Adventurers at Large: A substantial land mass has appeared at the south-eastern edge of the Absence, roughly a days travel from what appears to be a rapidly regrowing forest. From what we could initially scout, the landmass seems to be...
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    Teaser for A Gathering of Possibilities: April 3rd-5th

    For as long as the War with the Kurzinnor has ebbed. The endless waves of insects from beyond the mortal plane have crashed upon the Wildlands with the intent to conquer and consume. Yet they were not the first beings to face the insectoid menace. A gathering of those who have been washed away...
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    The High Ogres of Earthmoot Say This

    I speak on behalf of The Earthmoot: Those who wait for the return of our mentors: The Twilight Elves We stay silent for many months after the leaving of our mentors. We speak now neither out of desire to make new treaties, nor to repair old ties. We speak because there are innocents in...
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    This is a cross-post from our facebook event page: These pieces are very important please share with those who are attending. Please Spread the Word, Michael Duetzmann Alliance CT Staff Greetings, We have had a very eventful day here at...
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    Food Service for October

    Hey Guys, This is Mike here with more updates for the October Event: 1.) We have a lovely volunteer staff who is offering to make breakfast and dinner for us (Aren't they awesome)! 2.) We are asking to barrow some electric skillets and crock pots for our volunteer staff to better cook food for...
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    Missing Shield (Most likely in HQ npc camp)

    Hey guys, I seem to have lost a hexagonal parrying shield. After exhausting all other possible locations. I figure it got packed up with npc camp. It has green highlights and a giant patch of black duct tape to hide a logo. If anyone finds it npc camp can you make sure it comes back to CT? Mike D.
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    Call for Cast and Crew! (October call for NPCs)

    Hey Guys, We have a really great game for everyone to play and we are looking to build an engaging game for both the PCs and the volunteers that help make our game worth while. With that in mind, Please let us know on this thread or on our Facebook event wall if you are coming to NPC or...
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    The Tides Of Change: October Event Teaser

    A nightmarish storm from another land has triggered a tidal surge in The Absence, a cryptic phenomena that fills that lands once held by the Veiled Forest. For the last several weeks, the receding magics have revealed opportunities for both Caldaria and its enemies to gain a stronger foothold on...