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  1. Laguna Hallik

    News for the Closer

    The Closer will be hard starting at 11:00 pm Friday Night. We will have more information in the days before the event. It will be posted here.
  2. Laguna Hallik

    For HQ July - Re: Masquerade Ball

    The HQ staff is really happy to see that everyone is excited for having an IG Ball, so we've decided to make it a Masquerade and announce it far enough ahead that players will have a chance to acquire a fancy mask. We're still in planning stages for the event, so as more information becomes...
  3. Laguna Hallik

    A Dream of Approaching Avarice

    As his chalices were filled to the brim with angry spirits, so were his circles of power. As his warriors' bodies reformed, they had weapons and armor thrust upon them. All of his ships refit and restocked in his cove, all of his unliving captains ate their fill of the flesh of the living, and...
  4. Laguna Hallik

    The Wylderkin of Tar'Navaria (New Wylderkin Packet)

    The Wylderkin of Tar'Navaria written by Frank Willig.
  5. Laguna Hallik

    Winter IBGAs

    This year the Ashbury Plot Team is foregoing a large narrative in favor of updating and releasing new culture packets. In lieu of this, we will be accepting IBGAs allowing up to five actions. Each action must follow the same guidelines as usual IBGAs. Letters to NPC characters, travel, and...
  6. Laguna Hallik

    Aid for Valdorian Thantellin

    To the Duchy of Ashbury and the Barony of the Ash Forest, My brother, Valdorian Thantellin, sailed into the dark storm that surrounded your island of Synvia several days ago. He has not returned, nor has he been in contact. All efforts to reach him have failed. I ask from you your aid in his...
  7. Laguna Hallik

    A Storm in the Sea of Vacarra.

    (This is an OOG notice for an IG disaster: As of this morning a massive storm boils into life above the island of Synvia to the south of the Ash Forest. Attempts to enter the storm via ship lead to catastrophic wrecks and attempts to enter via Geolithe are stopped dead by a mysterious energy...
  8. Laguna Hallik

    May Event Setting

    Greetings HQ players, This weekend will take place in a massive cavern system that is connected to the Dwarven settlement of Stonehollow. The Caverns are lit by a glowing artifact sun that replicates the diurnal cycle of the surface. The plants, trees, and animals are all species native to...
  9. Laguna Hallik

    The Seafaring Tribes of the Vakkar (Barbarian Packet)

    The Tar'Navarian Barbarian culture known for blue warpaint and draconic tradition. (Written by Todd Navas & Collin Babcock)
  10. Laguna Hallik

    The Majestic Districts of Cil Cilurion

    (Last edited October 2013.)
  11. Laguna Hallik

    The Curse of Destiny (Winter 2013-2014)

    The Curse of Destiny Follow the 2013-2014 winter narrative here. WEAKNESS - "For the Future" (S. Galanthia) "For the Past" (N. Galanthia) "The Porcelain Age" (Imladar) "Scars of the Body" (Thessi) "One Year Later" (Falkirk) SILENCE - "Know Your...
  12. Laguna Hallik

    Pro Photographer for 2014

    Dan Clarke is a friend of mine from my early days larping, he currently takes his photography skills to different larps to capture amazing moments on film. He prices are negotiable, but he is planning to start a Kickstarter to ensure funding for a trip down south for one of our summer games...
  13. Laguna Hallik

    Winter Actions

    This winter the HQ Plot Team is planning another series of short fictional works, much like last year’s Fall of Falkirk. This winter’s theme delves into the current affairs of the Galanthian Conflict, the Falkirk Resistance, and the Rise of Imladar and Thessi. The Galanthian Conflict: The...
  14. Laguna Hallik

    Season Highlights and Favorites

    Hey guys, let's go all out and post ours favorites and highlights from the 2013 season!
  15. Laguna Hallik

    A Warning for Travelers.

    To all traveling in the Battlewoods and Ducal Fiefs, there has been a heightened degree of troll activity. Please be safe, remember your flame auras, Ducal Army Command
  16. Laguna Hallik

    A Note on the Vansir

    So, for those who were at the last event and for those who have only recently heard about it. The Vansir have been turbomurdered into near extinction. From here on out, the Vansir packet is heavily restricted by plot, if not totally closed. In the future, if someone wished to play one they...
  17. Laguna Hallik

    Notes for the Upcoming September Game

    This event will be using a hard start at 11:00 pm. A hard start means that the PCs will be lugging everything IG in with them. You may set your bunks up OOG beforehand. If a PC arrives after the hard start, they should come see me or the event staff in NPC camp for a briefing. Some...
  18. Laguna Hallik

    A Field of Energy Appears Around the Vansir Reclaim

    (This message is not a person dreaming. It is a vision through the dreamscape. Vansir have difficulty sleeping for the next thirteen nights.) ::At eleven bells yesterday a powerful field of energy surrounded the Vansir Reclaim. None may enter or leave. None may seen within. ::
  19. Laguna Hallik

    A Hazy Dream of Midnight Rain

    In the midnight rain, the ceramic tiles of Brittingcrest’s buildings smelled like wet dog. They were also too slippery to run on. The young thief, dressed all in black as is usually expected of his kind, held onto the edge of the roof with all of his fading strength. The thiefcatchers were...
  20. Laguna Hallik

    From the Ordo Aurum

    Nevin, What have you done? You are not a thief on the streets of Brittingcrest anymore. You are not the bard of Widowcroft who hid his name and heritage anymore. You are a noble. You have a chain of command to follow. You have disobeyed. You have disrespected the the very kingdom that the Ordo...