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    Ral'Endas Earth Weavers

    Fredrick after a long slow ride arrives at the earth weavers complex in Ral'Endas. Fredrick Knocks on the main gate.
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    Fredrick returns breifly

    After taking his punishment from the archmage Fredrick returns to his cabin and retrieves all of his belongings. Mounting on Blaze he is about to head out when he runs into Garridan. Pausing for a sec he waits to see what he has to say.
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    Front desk

    Continued from "Earthweavers Stables" After coming up from the stables Fredrick thinks to stop at the front desk. The old lady there always seems to know what and where to go. Stopping at the front desk Fredrick ask the lady there...
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    Earthweavers Stables

    Continued from Earthweaver Enclave: Master Quynn's Study Fredrick arrives in the stables looking to the person in charge.
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    In the Portal Room

    Fredrick steps out of the portal in Calanhelm Castle. After talking to the guards and looking over some of the devastation caused a week ago he heads off to the earth weavers Enclave. Continued in "Earthweaver Enclave: Master Quynn's Study" thread...
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    At the portal

    After spending some time looking at some new information that has come to him Fredrick packs his bags. Heading to the portal he activates it and heads back to Calanhelm. Continued in "Calanhelm Castle - In Portal Room" thread
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    The unexpected party snack Ithawda

    After the party Fredrick has the home guard take Isawda to the Earthwaevers Enclave. "Lets put her up in one of the empty rooms for the moment. One of the smaller ones with out a window." After getting her secured away and posting a guard Fredrick heads off to find the fatespinner.
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    In search of a cure for a curse

    After his night in the tavern Fredrick heads back to the Earth Guild hall. After the information he got from the fate spinner he starts to look for Master Quynn. The fatespinner had mentioned that the elf that trained her may be able to help in such matters. She also had said that the elf was...