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    Special Donation Needed - Bonus Gobbies

    Very cool! :hahaha: -Sterling
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    Announcement From Ebrindale

    MMM....HaHAHA Fantastic. :funny: :twisted: -Silvara
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    Thank you Byers'

    Thank you guys! :tears: you know how to make a girl cry. I appreciate the notice of what I'm trying to do. I feel like I won an award or something :hahaha: Everyone did a great job, and I hope to see you all again next event! I'm looking forward to it! Can't wait. hopefully it will not be...
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    Here I am wondering around the forests, and I finally find my tree house again and what do I find when I get there???!!!!!! SOMEONE TORCHED IT!!!!! It's nothing but a pile of ash! I WANT TO KNOW WHO DID IT!!!!!!!! :shock: :tears: :whaa: :twisted: Also, now I have nothing left, a little money...
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    A Full Belly from Lady Gwen for Auction

    I bid 5gold 3 silver I want a flower salad!!!! :yummy:
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    Thanks and Gratitude

    Mr. Nightstalker Sir, I would just like to say is that you are one very scary being. Especially at night in a very dark room. That's all! Thank you! -Silvara
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    Dragon's are soooo scary! They make me want to cry :cry: Ever sense meeting Terror face to face on not good terms I now have a healthy fear of them, as in well they make me wanna cry! Isn't that bad enough!!?? I apologize , bad dragon dreams I suppose. Nighty night, -Silvara
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    Northpoint overrun

    Please please tell me if they are trampling flowers, and are they killing the pretty butterflies? No joke I seriously wish to know. Because if they are, oooohhhh boy! They are gonna make an enemy outta me! :twisted: Death to Undead!! Wait...does that actually make sense? ..... I am now...
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    Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 10/8)

    Re: Pre-Reg/NPC List for Oct 8-10 (updated 9/29) I too shall grace the world with my charming presence.......*crickets* p/c :lol: :oops: :o :roll: :shock: -Sterling A. (that's me if I am correct, but I have been known to be wrong from time to time :o )
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    I apologize!

    It came to my attention not to long ago that I made a mistake....(imagine that :lol: ) It seems I had "cost the Kingdom" enough money or something like that. :oops: I apologize if that is how some people see it as. I was not told or made aware in any way of things that were transpiring around...
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    Merry Holidays....

    I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Holiday and a fantastic New Year!! I hope everyone is doing well and hope to see everyone soon!!! :lol: :D :mrgreen: -sterling
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    Get in ONE MORE GAME

    *SIGH* being poor sucks :lol: :lol: :lol: Hope you guys have an awsome awsome time. i went to k-zoo last year and had a blast, except for one or two things in-game (death rezzing you know what i mean) Have fun!!!
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    Mockery of a Noble?

    I apologize to anyone I may have offended by not showing such displays of respect. In my land we have no Nobles. We have a councle of Elders and they do not require us to bow before them. I will try harder from now on. Again, I do apologize for my seemingly heathen ways. -Silvara Fierfox V.
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    I really don't care what you are Crow, you should show a little more respect to those who call(ed) you friend. To those who have stood by you through thick and thin. To those who have brought you back from the brink of death time and time again. To those who have listened to you and tried to...
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    Excuse me Crow, :x but I think that you also should be watching what you are saying. You have actually just called your own Knight , Sir Gareth, His Majesty's King Redd, and King Dayfel, and various other people lower standard forms of life. I think before you start telling others what they...
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    August day faire change

    OH HO HOOOOO I see how it is. Finally I was gonna get an awesome Birthday with an event on it and everything. NOO lol not anymore!!!! Bah! We had to change the day just for that reason eh? lol LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: Just picking on you guys just because I can.. -sterling Btw Ty for all...
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    A Faint Fearful Whisper

    OHHH Marcey! Umm what happend???? did you go off to play with out me?? *sigh* poor marcey. -silvara (*oog* sterling avery)
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    The Scarlet Treasure

    Wheres Marcy? Sorry been a little busy and haven't gotten much sleep.