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  1. Bigens73

    Goodbyes & Moving Sale

    To all of my Adventuring Family, I was wanting a to do this in persons but day not da case Some of yous might not knows dis but i will be leaving to explore far away lands after this next market, but before we haves more. I have been unable to make it to the last few markets and the next one...
  2. Bigens73

    Using Camp Mat for Brig or Wisby Plate

    I know every marshal is different but just want to get the community thoughts before I move forward with a winter build. I currently have 55 gallon drum plastic plates cut up and between two pieces of duck canvas. I am thinking of making the same thing just using camp mat instead of the...
  3. Bigens73

    Resolute and killing blow

    Can you resolute a killing blow if you are still able to use in game abilities? I was thinking restrained but not incapacitated any other way.
  4. Bigens73

    Fight practice/Hangout

    Hey all, I would like to gauge interest once all this shelter in place stuff is done who would like to do a fight practice/ hangout. I am totally willing to host and organize it. I do live a bit outside the cities though I am up in Monticello. There is a park just down the street from me with...
  5. Bigens73

    When da time comes....

    Hello my fellow adventurers While da person has not been da focus of our time lately I wants it known that Eberus or howevers you spells his name it would bring me da good feelings to be the one to deliver da killing blow to him. He killed my Knight. I knows I cannot best him in combats yets...
  6. Bigens73


    I'm stopping at Alcupolco right off 36 in Stillwater if anyone wants to join shoot me a text if you will be joining. 952.567.4639
  7. Bigens73

    Statue for Sir Daniels

    Hello Fellow Adventurers, I reach out to you and ask for your help. Between market days I with the help of Cass have been working with the military guild to honor Sir Daniels with a Statue. The reason I am reaching out is because the cost of the project is much more than I can financially...
  8. Bigens73

    Call For Help

    Hello Adventurers, I would like to ask for some of your help. I am planning on trying to get a statue of Sir Daniels set up in the Capital as a memorial and a reminder that we all need to be ready to give the ultimate sacrafice. Sir Daniels willingly stepped into that circle knowing that this...
  9. Bigens73

    June Favorites.

    I know it is quick but figured I'd go ahead and start it. What a great event. I know the rain put a damper on it a little but thank you plot for adapting. Loved Aegis and that whole affect group. I know I still fell under it but don't view myself as a young adventurer anymore. I remember...
  10. Bigens73

    In need of armor

    I will finally be finding my way to these new lands and have found some new armor. I am not sure what it will be rated at but will need a tag for it when I find out I am guessing it will be in the 40 to 50 range. Bruisey
  11. Bigens73

    Lost in the Mist

    Fellow Adventurers, I seem to have gotten lost in the Mists on my way back from Wayside. I plan on makes in in to da next market day. I tink I figurd out where I made da rong turn. I is back on da right path now. Tryin to just figur out what all happend on this first market day so i can...
  12. Bigens73

    Pictures at the Opener?

    Did anyone happen to get any pictures at opener?
  13. Bigens73

    Thank You ALL

    I just wanted to thank everyone I know the folks I traveled with and myself could not stop talking about how much fun we had even with the shorter event and the crummy weather Sat. Had a great time at afters and meeting everyone. Also a huge thank you to Sam Gemclipper and his above and beyond...
  14. Bigens73

    Flattening a 55 Gallon Plastic Barrel?

    Has anyone had success flattening out a 55 gallon plastic barrel im trying to do it with a heat gun but it doesn't seem to be able to heat a large enough area for me to flatten it effectively.
  15. Bigens73

    High Orc 2.0 Build Questions

    Hey all I am like lvl 7 I havent been doing blankets. and been adventuring in SoMN for 2 seasons now. Just want advice on limited build I think I have something like 79 build and this is how I have used it so far. I am trying to build a front line tank that can take damage but also deal it...
  16. Bigens73

    Moving Blanket/pad Gambeson

    Not sure how to post pictures but made a decent Gambeson out of a moving blanket. The padded type you put over furniture and what not. Wish I could have found a different color it is like a light blue. A brown one would have probably been a little more appropriate. But a nice sleeveless...
  17. Bigens73

    Carpool to Wayside/Chicago Season Opener

    Looking to car pool out to wayside for the April 26th weekend the season opener. I'm okay riding or driving. Get in touch with me if you are heading out that way. I will be in the process of moving from champlin to Monticello around that time. But can meet anywhere.
  18. Bigens73

    Greetings all...

    Adventurers in Wayside, Greetings my name is Bruisey Foemangler. I know some of you through your travles and that some of you started through the mists with me in Gaiden. I am thinking of trying to travel through the mists this year and possibly vist Wayside. I am reaching out just to kind...
  19. Bigens73

    Anyone Have any Ultra light cores laying around

    Before I put in an order for some ultra light cores I was just wondering if anyone has any cores laying around that they would be willing to part with for proper compensation of course. Just figured I would check.
  20. Bigens73

    Mr. Crane...

    Mr. Crane, I was just wanting to know if you would be able to put me in touch with the heads of The Academy, The Magi, and the ones that have the child fighters( I do not mean this as a disrespect it is the only thing i can recall of them at this moment). I learned a bit of the history of your...