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    The End and Current Condition of Caldaria

    Everyone, As most people know, the CT game has had no events for some time and the chapter is no longer operational. We have had the opportunity to resolve some portions of the story and give players still actively playing the game varying degrees of closure in other chapters, but we wanted to...
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    A Call to Arms from the Order of the Gryphon

    As many citizens have noted, the Fae Mists seem unusually potent of late. While many of the kingdom's adventurers and heroes are making their way to the edge of the former Contested Lands and the town of Fairdale, the Mists seem to be converging in "nearby" Elindil. It is unclear what would...
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    Closer Announcements (updated 10/6/19)

    Please review this post periodically; the date of the last update should be in the title). As we get closer to the season and campaign closer, and as the Plot Team finishes deciding on how to respond to recent character actions (and inactions), we wanted to take a few minutes and share some...
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    From the Order of the Foundation

    In response to the declaration of the Geist, the Order of the Foundation is hastening efforts to reclaim a safe staging point near Shadowkeep. Efforts were already underway (as the reawakening of the Watchstones was expected to continue). To the extent that local guides may be available...
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    September Ashbury Event- Player Notice (revised Wednesday- new information)

    1) If you are attending the event and your attending character is in possession of any Caldaria (CT) permanent or artifact level magic items (Guardian Amulet, the First Spellbook, etc), I encourage you to bring the reps and any tags (even unconverted pre-2.0 tags). Similarly, if you had...
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    Preparing to Playtest get together

    I know it's short notice, but I'll be hosting an unofficial "Getting ready to Playtest/2.0 conversion/etc" shindig this coming Saturday (9/22) for anyone interested. We will answer questions, help players rebuild characters for both the upcoming playtest (and hopefully official 2.0 next...
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    March Event Teaser - Wiping the Slate Clean

    A valuable ally has spent the last several months prioritizing the needs of the local adventuring class above its own mandates and mission. Faced with unprecedented and potentially unwarranted political pressure and scrutiny, the local branch of the Wayfarer’s Guild turns to the adventurers for...
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    Snow cancellation

    Due to the increased predictions and location ov the venue (less than a mile from the shore), we are cancelling today. Stay safe.
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    Plot Announcement

    Please see plot prior to the start of the Faire Day if your character fits into any of these categories: Has the skill Earth Formal Magic AND you have cast one or more of the following rituals: Spirit Store, Spirit Farewell, Controlled Spirit Store, Regeneration, Transform to Greater Undead...
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    Adventurer assistance requested

    Adventurers, The Wayfarer’s Guild has a general job offer for the adventuring community. We have acquired what appears to be a necromantic spellbook that has resisted our efforts to destroy it. Our divinations reveal that it is a necromantic artifact of some power that must be entered and...
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    A few notes for July

    1) We are asking that all players able to do so park in the upper lot. You are free to drive down to the cabins/tavern/etc to unpack, but please move your cars when possible. If there is no longer room in the upper lot, please park on the far side of the lower lot. We are likely to use the...
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    July event registration

    Cross posting this with the Caldaria boards. It is currently less than accurate as I'm waiting on updates from Management. PC: NPC: 1) JP 2) Mike D 3) Brian "The Interninator" D 4) Ren "hiteminthefeelings" W * means you've paid and prelogisted, $ means we have your money but need your...
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    Call to arms!

    My fellow adventurers, stalwarts, and heroes, Another pocket of seemingly stable reality has been exposed by the receding tides of the Absence approximately two days south of Cyric's Fall along the edge. Wizard Sir Balus has asked the Guild to organize a scouting and response expedition. We...
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    Allergy reminder

    Please remember that we have a mumber of players with serious food allergies, including peanuts (I know there are more, but that's the omen specifically remember).
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    The Pot Luck

    Dinner at the Faire Day will be pot luck. There are limited facilities in the site’s kitchen, but primarily these involve plugs for Crock-Pots or Hot Plates. There is also limited refrigerator and freezer space. We will be monitoring the tournament events and other encounters so as to...
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    August Fair Day- Family Event- How are we managing two sets of rules?

    I’m sure many of you are wondering how we will be making our experimental Family Event work, well, wait no longer! First and foremost, there will be two completely separate rules sets in play during the event (the Kid’s Rules and the standard Alliance Rules), but at no point will both rules...
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    It is all Fun and Games!

    The Wayfarer’s Guild is proud to announce a series of festivities to celebrate the founding of Cyric’s Fall, including both a feast and a tournament! We invite you to participate in the Guild’s Feasthall the third Saturday of this month! As part of our efforts to make this new settlement a...
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    August Faire Day - it's kind of a big deal

    The Caldaria plot team is exceptionally pleased to announce that our August Faire Day will be something quite unusual- a family event! Taking our inspiration from the highly successful "Kids Events" held throughout the game, we hope to provide an interesting day or play for the whole family (or...
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    Last minute faire day advisory

    Reminder- the faire day is at the indoor site, with its nice(ish) floors. Please don't wear cleats. Not only will you look silly, they won't help you.
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    Scouting report

    Initial foray into the stable area at the edge of the Absence shows what may once have been, or may about to be, a small village. Several buildings appear out of flux with reality, as if they are existing both in our world and elsewhere; which is not inconsistent with other observed phenomena...