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  1. DiscOH

    Trying to get ahold of management

    My understanding is that there is no longer an SF alliance chapter (they left the network)
  2. DiscOH

    This rule change is horrible

    Corrupt can be cast as a reversed life spell. Which means if you corrupt an earth caster you gain an additional number of corrupts equal to their life count (which is generally a popular spell). It also necessitates life or the target goes to the circle. Lots of lifes = Lots of corrupt No...
  3. DiscOH

    This rule change is horrible

    United blow, potion coating, and PC corrupt shouldn't have made it into the game. I feel like it's probably going to take a player going PvP to fix the issue though 3 second gas/scroll traps are problematic too
  4. DiscOH

    [.11] Weapon Shield

    Weapon shield is garbage right now +1
  5. DiscOH

    [.11] Ally Riposte Redirect?

    Weirder, you could hit Ally a, Parry yourself, riposte monster b. Taking that to it's next step. You could hit monster b, Parry it, then riposte it.
  6. DiscOH

    [.11] Remove required packet colors?

    Most packets I throw are reactive. Even more so in 2.0 when I can throw elemental or poison packets. I have packets in my hand because I might have to throw "something", but I don't know which something it's going to be.
  7. DiscOH

    [.11] Remove required packet colors?

    Good sportsmanship has no impact on players not needing to decide which packets they're throwing until they make a call. I might have 1 globe in each hand but 10 different globe tags on my person. If I haven't decided which globe I'm holding and you shatter it, sportsmanship doesn't cover that...
  8. DiscOH

    [.11] Remove required packet colors?

    As far as I know, tags aren't tied to gas globes until consumed. This makes any sort of non npc gas globe interaction basically impossible to enforce. Npc gas globes are purely thematic and therefore up to the story teller's discretion. The entire rule basically has no function.
  9. DiscOH

    [.11] Slow / Repel Thread

    Slow should be a 1st level spell. Slow is a 2nd level spell. Slow competes with pin. Like Pin, enemies can rip free from Slow. Pin stops people from moving. Slow does not stop people from moving. Slow is strictly worse than pin. Repel was nerfed significantly from 1.3 Repel requires...
  10. DiscOH

    [.11] Oregon | November 2-3 | Thoughts and musings

    Prison gets fixed by scrolls. Doom/Corrupt doesn't have an expendable to cure them. It's fair to be concerned about the design impact.
  11. DiscOH

    [.11] Armor Enchanments

    Where is this rule?
  12. DiscOH

    [.11] Armor Enchanments

    If I have 2 suits of armor 1 is 51 points and includes a small finger thimble 1 is 50 points and doesn't. During combat my armor becomes broken/damaged. I add/remove the thimble. As I'm now wearing an entirely new set of armor, I don't need to get the previous one repaired/refit to benefit...
  13. DiscOH

    Selunari Curse in combat

    We've had a lot of disagreements at our local chapter over what is and isn't an acceptable use of selunari curse (hereather CE). Some people think that CE turns off entirely as soon as combat breaks out. Some people think that as long as all your skills are still usable in some form CE is...
  14. DiscOH

    Wylderkin Curse

    Is selunari curse a legal racial for wylderkin?
  15. DiscOH

    Bestiary Entry - Vesp - Maelstrom

    I experienced a waking dream. It unsettled me so I sought confirmation and guidance with Kjeld, the Wood Elves, and the Azacranti. What I've placed here is the culmination of those events.
  16. DiscOH

    Bestiary Entry - Vesp - Maelstrom

    Vesp Race of insectoids incredibly skilled at Celestial magic. Resists: Tracking - The vesp scouts are capable of flight and leave no tracks when walking. Scrying - Vesp cloak themselves in an esoteric form of obfuscate. Attempting to scry on a vesp will make them aware of your presence (also...
  17. DiscOH

    [.11] Channeling Playtest Experiences

    Not being able to cast life/memorize down doesn't seem very flexible. +1 channeling needs help
  18. DiscOH

    [.11] Does anybody like resolute?

    Resolute actually calls out "reduce" as part of it's rules text. Unless the wording is changed, allowing resolute to bypass vengeance would also allow standard reduction calls to bypass vengence (examples: takes 1 damage from all non silver attacks; reduce all damage above 5 to 5).
  19. DiscOH

    [.11] Does anybody like resolute?

    2-5 resolutes feels amazing. 30-40 resolutes feels really wasteful. This isn't true for parry or mettle or evade or dodge. It's just a weird skill.
  20. DiscOH

    [.11] Oregon Playtest - Sept 21-23 - Thoughts and Musings

    I think evocation hitting for 5-45 per spell slot compares poorly to hitting for 10-20 at will with a bow. The gain in tempo isn't that large, the resource expenditure is significant, and monster defenses impact evocation way harder than weapon attacks. Channeling, storm spells (especially...