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  1. Ko the Wizard

    [.11] Riposte Triggers

    So after reviewing the skills it became clear that whole Riposte is a Martial skill it is triggered by 1 Martial skill and 2 Stealth skills. I wonder if it might be worth altering to add Resolute and/or Mettle to the triggers. The fantasy of being a tough Fighter who when near death almost...
  2. Ko the Wizard

    [.11] Ally Riposte Redirect?

    "Riposte: the character may, once per Logistics period per purchase after using any Dodge, Parry, or Evade skill, immediately use any offensive per-day Martial or Stealth skill known and available without using a charge of that skill, ignoring any positioning requirement. This skill replaces...
  3. Ko the Wizard

    Logistics Delays

    Good Morning, I have tried to reach out to the HQ Logistics a few times to spend some Goblin Stamps I got from helping with the Utah GoFundMe. But since my first email on August 11, 2018 I can't seem to connect with anyone to actually spend them for blankets. Is there an email I should be...
  4. Ko the Wizard

    Physical Bindings and Defenses

    Hey guys I am just curious. Someone pointed out to me that you can "physically bind someone" to make them helpless for a killing blow. I wanted to know what the RP, Prop, and other requirements were to perform this "binding" action. Additionally can skills like Resist or Cloak Binding be used...
  5. Ko the Wizard

    Ritual Scroll Pricing

    So I have heard a lot of back in forth in various chapters about how much one Ritual Scroll is worth from another. That the market for them is very much a buyers choice because they are often so specialized and have a high price point. So instead of trying to get into a debate or find a...
  6. Ko the Wizard

    Damage multipliers

    So I was theory crafting with some folks. I know that the max multiplier you can take from damage is 4x. How does that work if you take a Destruction? Would you just ignore the extra 2x? Example: Elf McFace has built herself that she takes 4x from Lightning and 1/4 for all other elements...
  7. Ko the Wizard

    Ritual Scroll Available

    I currently have a Ritual Scroll: Spirit Lock. This Ritual Scroll will travel the mists without issue. I have heard conflicting rumors as to the market. Seek me out at this upcoming gather in Elara or whisper me if you are interested.
  8. Ko the Wizard


    Hey there good peoples! I have a new player that is going to be attending this upcoming event. He is having a little trouble finding some garb and I wanted to reach out and see what I might find in the community. If anyone has any extra garb I would love to hear from you. Thanks, and I will...
  9. Ko the Wizard


    So I was thinking the other day... If Earth and Chaos carriers pass through armor. What would happen if you put a Nausea, or other alchemical coating, on a weapon with one of those carriers? Could you call out 5 Earth Nausea or 5 Nausea Chaos? Is there any way to utilize the Armor bypass...
  10. Ko the Wizard

    July 10th Game Day

    Any word on when or if the July 10th game day will be rescheduled? -Canoe