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  1. BrookeBS

    Arriving at the outer walls of Haven

    Shandra awoke that morning with a loud startling yowl. She had disturbed a few others near her & she immediately felt incensed at having to apologize for disturbing them. She hadn’t meant to. It was an off-putting dream. She didn’t think it was even her dream, it came from something else. Yes...
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    Dungeon Run teams for the Gauntlet

    We all would like to be on the morning slot please
  3. BrookeBS

    Dungeon Run teams for the Gauntlet

    We have 6-7 people from our tribe ready to help support our 1 team member whom wishes to enter Haven. Tamra (Steven) Miri (Shauna) Keeli (Crystal) Kane (Ben) Isso (Michael) Shandra (Brooke) Ren (Keith) still waiting to hear confirmation on him. If we are too many I’ll switch to another team...
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    A non-existent spirit weeps.
  5. BrookeBS

    Within Countess Thorn's Estate

    The servant waiting outside the hall responds, "The Countess has gone to her offices. I will inform her you wish to meet with her. Shall I escort you to the waiting room?"
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    Greetings from a visitor!

    Greetings Lord Polare Lissenstine, It seems we may have a chance to meet once again, although you may not remember as I mostly glimpsed you from far afield almost 4 years ago, now. I may be at the Lux when you are set to arrive. It is a wonderous place of great knowledge. I could spend many...
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    Within Countess Thorn's Estate

    Dressed in well-tailored, unadorned clothing style, in her colours, the dark haired lady nods to Lord Az'Caine. “Allow me to provide you with some background as it may help flesh out the proceedings. “Baron Othello was married once before, many years ago, but he said his wife ran away with...
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    A call to the Empress

    "As I believe I am also the best choice. And a united front is always the best reply & one I uphold. If it looks like you are not in line to win, whom would you support & see as the best candidate? "Whomever wins, my army is at the behest of the nation to help defeat the growing concerns. "I...
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    A call to the Empress

    "I have never underestimated any opponent. That's pure hubris. The greatest warrior can be brought down by the smallest of colds. Never think that the smallest can't be the most sigficant lynchpin in a machination. Thinking of all the options is what has kept the Rocholm going for as long as...
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    A call to the Empress

    Lifting an eyebrow in curious surprise & following her movements in the room, "You've been to the other side of the border? I had not heard. I know Az'Caine has been investigating but I hadn't heard that anyone else had been there recently. Other than some strange, strong magic & Selunari very...
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    A call to the Empress

    Briefly puzzled, "My country is the example of my leadership for the past 100 years. We have survived & thrived as a nation in my time as Lord Marshall & grown to respond to the developing threat of the Dark Reaches. We have kept them from all of you since they have become more active. Whom...
  12. BrookeBS

    A call to the Empress

    The Marshall barks out a laugh. "And the self-same question could be said to you as well, Empress. Are you also not in the running? Your culture is highly unique amoung all the races. But to first answer your question. I am not a tyrant or despot. Every Lord Marshall has had to earn their...
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    A call to the Empress

    Taking a polite sip of the vintage, not wanting to muddle her thoughts, the Lord Marshall pauses to consider her words. While the Empress was direct with her approach, the Marshall has learned, over time, not to take everything on face value. And while short & direct were her preferred way of...
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    A call to the Empress

    "But of course, Empress." the Lord Marshall says with a wide, wry smile. "Exactly how I like to work, straight-forward & to the point. Exceedingly refreshing. I've never been much for the diplomacy & have always preferred the front lines. But as position & duty & circumstance have required...
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    A call to the Empress

    The Lord Marshall approaches the front gate with her point guard, a little past the dinner hour, at the appointed time. Human guards on the front gate, expecting this arrival, open & allow them entry. At the front door, a human opens the door, bows & steps back to allow entry. As they enter...
  16. BrookeBS

    A call to arms

    The Lord Marshall sits at the writing desk, penning various letters. Folding & sealing them, she hands them to a courier. "See that these reach the specific people they are intended for. Await their reply should they have one, once they have read it. Thistle is possibly at the Enclave...
  17. BrookeBS

    In the Portal Room- Epilogue: "End of the Line..."

    Malithon arrived with the duchess, as escort, but stands to the side, out of the way. Observing all & keeping a sharp eye upon her mistress & the group of nobles, but she sees no need to interfere or any use of her talents required. Upon hearing Seigerts words of the Duchess breach visits...
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    Dungeon Run 2015 Schedule

    I'm here to assist you, should you require my assistance. You merely need to make a request.
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    Just outside the Sanctum's Entrance

    Entering the sanctum, observing the attendant at the entry desk, Malithon enters & strides towards the library to begin her studies, to discover answers her questions. As she enters the familiar setting, she pauses to look about for an attendant that may assist her in her quests for information.
  20. BrookeBS

    Returning from the Breach

    An elegant leg steps through the portal, & Malithon enters Calanhelm. New knowledge gained. New questions & research to do. To begin forethwith. And a new acquaintance made. The ogress was most helpful & someone she could perhaps learn a new field of study from. Such a strange place...