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  1. Eldandiril


    Now that the GREAT COMCAST OUTAGE OF NOV 9TH is over, don't forget to get your preregs in before 11:59:59! "But Sam!? What happens after?!" Well, then the price goes to the at the door price and you miss out on the super cool discount! Let's avoid that! ❤
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    Halloween Weekend Favorites

    Thanks for coming out to the first event inwas able to help run in a very long time. I was super excited to get in there and flex my RP abilities. Here is some favorites of mine. - Mary's entrance. I know ya'll spotted the train on my dress. And no one stepped on it, but I had a contingency for...
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  4. Eldandiril


    Hello Adventurers! It's me your friendly neighborhood Promo Goblin! I just wanted to remind all of you that the deadline for prereg is tomorrow, Oct 26th before the stroke of midnight! After that, things start to get scary! Let's not put a fright into the Logistics team by being late...
  5. Eldandiril

    Another Airport Ride Request

    I can probably come pick you up and pop you over to Ladd.
  6. Eldandiril

    Its A Pleasure To Meet You

    This is so exciting! I look forward to joining you for new adventures!
  7. Eldandiril

    Who do I talk to about....

    I have a Traverse City artifact that needs to be converted. Is there someone who can help me with that? Vicki / Elle
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    Dragonfall Favorites

    I'll even do it again at some point. ;)
  9. Eldandiril

    Dragonfall Favorites

    Despite my case of mist sickness, I had a blast. I did require medical attention once I returned home but I did appreciate those of you who checked up on me during the event. Here's some favorites I pulled out of the fog: -Count Ko... Yasuhiro was covertly fanboying over this one.... -Travis...
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    August 2019 Menu

    Look at all these new topsider foods!
  11. Eldandiril

    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    I know there was quite a few images of dark elves sent in and if they needed to be adjusted that could have been arranged but there was no feedback on it.
  12. Eldandiril

    ARB: Alliance Rulebook Beta Feedback

    Yup only one on the dark elf page. The other dark elf like ones are a Panther and a bat.
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    Conversion Madness!

    Conversion Madness!
  14. Eldandiril

    Sunday One-day Funday Moments!

    Hahha... -Discussing the merits of ketchup and no ketchup on a hotdog. (I ATE A LOT OF PEPPERS) -Fighting with said hotdog with an active shatter. -Learning new things about being on the surface. -Circle guard shoulder rubs -Being the 2 handed terror I am as an npc -Spending the 1st 10...
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    June 29th Food Menu

    Guess I'll bring hot sauce.... XD
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    Looking to find a group of Chicago LARP

    Well, you found us! Lol Vicki Head of Logostics
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    Mystic Concerns

    Good morning friends, I would like to meet with all the mystic adventurers this gather to discuss the state of our people's survival. It is important to me tjat We are all on the same page. Thank you, Lady Elle
  18. Eldandiril

    Fellow adventures

    We can certainly try, maybe you can visit my village before you leave and spend some time with your adopted people. May a candle always be lit for your return, Lady Eldandiril Zanabanath Watcher over the Crescent Oasis & Guild Mama of the Moonlight Sentinels
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    May 25th Weekend Preregistration: The Legacy of Kings

    Get you prereges in guys. I don't want to HAVE to work too hard on my birthday this week. Vicki H.O.L.