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  1. MondayMcGee

    Maelstrom LCO Calls and Clarifications for Closer

    LCO Effects, and some clarifications. The Portals: Portals are represented by a Tapestry with a circular decoration in the center of the tapestry. There will be an additional interface tag indicating Please go to the spot, and begin your “I step through porta (tapestry)l 1, I step through the...
  2. MondayMcGee

    [safe] Maelstrom battle plan and additional information

    Greetings, friends and allies, Our final engagement draws near. Our plan of engagement and additional relevant information is now available in a private dream located here. Printed copies will be available at the gather. If you have any questions, please speak to me or to the relevant...
  3. MondayMcGee

    Maelstrom Campaign Closer - Traveler Assistance Program

    Are you a traveling player who needs help with a ride, crash space, or borrowing some gear? Are you a friendly local player who has one of those things to offer? Please post here, and we'll get people matched up. Goblin stamps will be offered to those who help our travelers out!
  4. MondayMcGee

    Maelstrom Campaign Closer -- Nov 15-17 -- Site Information and Other Logistics

    Great news, everyone! Ron has just confirmed our site for the Maelstrom Campaign Closer! Most important bit of information first: We need you to prereg ASAP. The link is right here. Click it right now, and go pre-reg. Don't worry about getting your items and battle boards perfect -- you can go...
  5. MondayMcGee

    Enerret Epilogue Oct 18-20 -- Site Information, Pre-Reg and More

    Our Enerret epilogue weekend event is fast approaching! Pre-register here. See the event teaser here. Pricing: • Pre-registration: $75 • With late fee for no pre-reg: $100 Pre-payments can be sent via PayPal to This event will be held at Ed R. Levin County Park in...
  6. MondayMcGee

    Policies and LCO Information

    Here are links to our various policies, rules, and LCO quirks. Community Standards for Behavior Code of Conduct PC Leadership Policy Safe Place Statement and Related Policies Harassment Policy Physical and Romantic RP Negotiation Policy Goblin Stamps and LCO Items GS Purchase and LCO Item...
  7. MondayMcGee

    Staff Item/Compensation Policy

    ALLIANCE SAN FRANCISCO STAFF ITEM POLICY As a thank you for the hard work they put into the chapter, certain volunteers are eligible to receive a Staff Reward Item. Who is eligible? Full time volunteers, after at least one year of service, are eligible for a staff item. The determination of...
  8. MondayMcGee

    Alliance San Francisco PC Leadership Policy

    Alliance San Francisco PC Leadership Policy Players in positions of in-game leadership, authority, and power have a greater than average ability to impact the experiences of their fellow players. As such, players who achieve certain levels of in-game authority will be asked to agree to the...
  9. MondayMcGee

    Alliance San Francisco Code of Conduct

    ALLIANCE SAN FRANCISCO CODE OF CONDUCT All members of the Alliance SF community, including players and staff, must follow these guidelines, both at ASF events, and at ASF-affiliated social gatherings such as Afters. Repeated or serious violations of these guidelines, even if they do not occur...
  10. MondayMcGee

    New Chapter Policies

    In an effort to increase our transparency and strengthen our community, we are introducing a number of new policies. None of these should be particularly novel or surprising -- rather, they are the results of an effort to codify our existing values and expectations and make them fully accessible...
  11. MondayMcGee

    2019 Fundraising Drive

    To fund this year’s season closers, and especially the Maelstrom campaign closer, we are opening a fundraising drive. Funds collected will go towards site fees, as well as any additional costs that we incur in making these closing events as amazing as possible. We have some fantastic incentives...
  12. MondayMcGee

    Gathering the components to seal the well [safe]

    Friends, My understanding is that we may attempt to seal the Tenebrous within the well as soon as this coming weekend. I shall defer to our Wayfarer friends on the matter generally, but I would like to make sure that all of the pieces are in place for them to do their work. The components, and...
  13. MondayMcGee

    Enerret season closer -- Sept 7th & 8th

    Unfortunately, we were not able to procure a suitable overnight site for this event. As such, we are going to run the event as back to back day games. Teaser and downtime information to be announced, but Bobby has informed us that we are aiming for this event to be the conclusion of the Well...
  14. MondayMcGee

    Need NPC help this Sunday!

    Due to a combination of real life issues, our Enerret plot team is is desperate need of help this Sunday. We need at least 4 more NPCs for this event to run as planned, ideally some experienced folks as Plot will be relying on you more heavily than usual. I’ll offer gobbies for anyone who...
  15. MondayMcGee

    post-Maelstrom campaign update - next year and beyond

    As you all know, the Maelstrom campaign is concluding this season, and this is Greg’s final year as Head of Plot. The Maelstrom story will continue in a new form, led by Miles as the new Maelstrom Head of Plot. However, Miles and his team need some time to plan the new campaign – as well as to...
  16. MondayMcGee

    Looking for Marshals

    We are currently looking for rules marshals! If you think you might be interested in helping the game in this way, please send a message to our Head of Rules, @Kart
  17. MondayMcGee

    August 24-25 Double Day Game

    Our next events are coming up! In August, we'll have back to back day games, one for each campaign. Please make sure to pre-register so we can plan on you being there! Saturday, Aug 24th: Maelstrom Day Game (Pre-reg here) Sunday, Aug 25th: Enerret Day Game (Pre-reg here) Time: Logistics...
  18. MondayMcGee

    Greetings from across the mists

    Hello, friends and fellow adventurers, I had the pleasure of meeting a number of those from your shard at the recent gather (though the term seems generous, given the involuntary nature of the thing.) My duties at home should soon allow for a short journey across the mists, and I hoped to...
  19. MondayMcGee

    Enerret Day Game June 15

    Hello everyone! Due to Fire Department training exercises taking place at Stulsaft Park, we are moving this event to a new location. Date: Saturday, June 15 Time: Logistics opens 10AM, game on at 11AM Pricing: Pre-registration: $30 With late fee for no pre-registration: $40 Location: Cuesta...
  20. MondayMcGee

    Maelstrom Overnight June 7-9th -- Site information

    Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your patience as we've hammered out the details for our overnight event. WHERE TO GO Our site for this event will be Joseph D. Grant Park in San Jose. You can see their website here: