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  1. Ishpeck

    Victoria's Estate

    Magnus enters the office and when getting close to the desk he takes a knee "your Grace, I hope its not presumptuous to ask but with the upcoming trek to the Fort I was humbly asking for help from your Grace for passage for myself and my traveling companion Yetta to arrive at the fort. As going...
  2. Ishpeck

    Victoria's Estate

    Magnus Heads down the hall and asks the guards outside her office for permission to enter. after getting approval he knocks and waits for her response.
  3. Ishpeck

    Victoria's Estate

    Magnus walks into the Grand Duchess's estate and flashes something to the guards and he is let by quickly. He walks up to a servant in the estate and asks "Is her Grace receiving?"
  4. Ishpeck

    Who is available for Dungeon Run teams?

    Mag does not know if he has a team or not but front line shield availible
  5. Ishpeck

    Into the Darkness - Isawda team for the Dungeon Run

    Hey I resemble that remark!
  6. Ishpeck

    Dungeon Run 2015 Schedule

    So Mike has 2 of his deputy's in his run just need to find that K-9 unit to make a full set
  7. Ishpeck

    Event Review- "Winter Woes"

    I had a blast, It would be first event in 5 months I am very happy to be back 1) My favorite moment was when our rat-kin either threw/placed a rat or little monkey (toy) on a table and it started flopping around. I had this surreal moment where I could nothing but laugh, A rat-kin with real...
  8. Ishpeck

    On the road to the breach

    "what about wet wolf smell?" as he taps his nose and laughs "I can smell the difference, hehehe" "Ah back to the breach I hope we don't have to fight to take back the town again and the Kara just stays in her realm. But that's being to hopeful. How is working for Vegas or Vegarrr I think he...
  9. Ishpeck

    On the road to the breach

    (continued from "something furry this way comes" in the Calanhelm Streets and Ogre's Head Tavern forum) "You know Phelan I have heard so much about the crazy sheep, but I have yet to see them. this could be a huge problem for our food supply" Magnus said while keeping up a brisk pace to the...
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    Something furry this way comes.

    (continued in thread "On the road to the breach" in the Parson's Breach Forum)
  11. Ishpeck

    Something furry this way comes.

    "Everyone who is coming with us lets get a move on, well will be going double time to reach the breach on time" says Magnus in a loud and commanding voice it took awhile to get everyone organized but moving in a group would be safer "on the road again, wonder what we will find in the breach...
  12. Ishpeck

    Something furry this way comes.

    "Ah Phelan it is good to see you my friend, I overheard that you are looking for Yetta. Well she is getting ready to make the long journey to the breach but she is over there in the corner. Would you join us on our trip? this is an open invitation to any that wish too as well " Magnus said in a...
  13. Ishpeck

    Oh thank you forum gods

    Thank you Mods and Mythic/Cory for fixing the In-game locations this will make it so much easier. but should we have one for the Ogre's Head as well? or will it go in the Streets? :thumbsup:
  14. Ishpeck

    Come and Get S'more!

    "sounds like a plan, lets discuss the note when we get back to our rooms" as Magnus gets ready to follow Yetta to with munch cradled in his arm. Continued in PM
  15. Ishpeck

    Looking for someone special

    Magnus munches on a cookie and gives another to munch "soon munch you will be big and meaty" as he pets the baby seal and pours some salt water on to it "yes you will" he says with a smile
  16. Ishpeck

    Patrols in the streets and at the Ogre`s Head

    Magnus grunts and walks back to Yetta, "I need you to read this to me it has the little marks you folk you use to talk without talk" he said sitting down at her table. he passes the note to her. "I am not sure who sent it" continued in PM and different thread
  17. Ishpeck

    Patrols in the streets and at the Ogre`s Head

    Magnus clamps down on the note and remembers to give it to Yetta so she could tell him what the funny squiggles mean. He stands tall and stares at Alexander waiting to see what he does.
  18. Ishpeck

    Patrols in the streets and at the Ogre`s Head

    Magnus Stands up and nods to the guards. he walks between the Alexander and the back door always keeping an eye on him. being a part time bouncer of the Ogre's Head he should do his job.
  19. Ishpeck

    Business matters

    He's was not quite about climbing the stairs and took particular satisfaction on making the fifth stair creek as loudly as possible. Magnus at the top of the stairs turns to her and gives a wither glare, grunts and walks to stand by the door. While at the door Magnus gives her a large smile...
  20. Ishpeck

    NPC voting- October event

    You know I so wanted to eat that Pig and we were so close 2 times, Jeff you did great for your first time. David the suicide mob almost had me rolling on the ground, but Energiser Abby has my vote. All of the NPC's you all were fantastic even Peach Cobbler who is adorable.