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  1. BrookeBS

    A call to the Empress

    The Lord Marshall approaches the front gate with her point guard, a little past the dinner hour, at the appointed time. Human guards on the front gate, expecting this arrival, open & allow them entry. At the front door, a human opens the door, bows & steps back to allow entry. As they enter...
  2. BrookeBS

    A call to arms

    The Lord Marshall sits at the writing desk, penning various letters. Folding & sealing them, she hands them to a courier. "See that these reach the specific people they are intended for. Await their reply should they have one, once they have read it. Thistle is possibly at the Enclave...
  3. BrookeBS

    Returning from the Breach

    An elegant leg steps through the portal, & Malithon enters Calanhelm. New knowledge gained. New questions & research to do. To begin forethwith. And a new acquaintance made. The ogress was most helpful & someone she could perhaps learn a new field of study from. Such a strange place...
  4. BrookeBS

    Calanhelm, Home Guard, HQ

    Upon entering the offices of the Home Guard, Malithon pauses at the door to await the guards notice. Upon acknowledgement,"I'm here to see Colonel Dunbow, if he has time or is available. Or whom so ever may be in charge of the latest supply mission to Parson's Breach." She looks upon the...
  5. BrookeBS

    Ithawda's cell

    Languishing here since her arrest at the carnival, Ithawda is strangely serene. The first few days had her raging & storming about the cell. Now she appears to be dead but for the subtle rise & fall of her chest. 'Damn vampires! Pain in the tail feathers! How to defeat & obliterate them...
  6. BrookeBS

    Ithawda's wanders

    She moves throught the guild halls marking locations, on her way to Isawda's rooms to refresh and get back into proper gear, hoping to hear soon from a page or runner about any of her requests. There is a stiff anger to her movements, contained fury, at her treatment & ulitmately her stupidity...