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  1. Auric

    Welcome Alliance Atlanta!

    Greetings one and all! It is my esteemed pleasure to announce the arrival of a new Alliance chapter! Please join me in welcoming Alliance Atlanta!! The chapter will be run by Kelly Leveille and Anthony Mungo Head on over to their OOG forums when they are live and wish them a hearty hello...
  2. Auric

    Veterans appreciation 2021

    The Alliance Larp National organization would like to show our love and support for all active and former members of the military by offering a free Dragon Blanket for the month of November (if you have already received a Dragon Stamp blanket for November we will credit your account with the...
  3. Auric

    Feature Request CMA

    The Suggestion box is probably the best location to request a feature. That has the best chance to get noticed by owners and support staff. That being said someone has already requested this feature there so it is something that will be...
  4. Auric

    Rulebook version

    2.04 found here is the official release. You might have an early beta version, before 2.0 was released, which 2.04 would have corrections to.
  5. Auric

    Help with this coin

    It holds no value outside of our game. It is used as our game currency.
  6. Auric

    2.0 Item and scroll conversion extended

    It was lightly talked about but right now there is nothing to indicate it will be extended. You could probably contact any chapte, I'm sure they would be happy to assist you with converting items. You might also want to create a post in the Suggestion Box with reasoning if you feel it should...
  7. Auric

    New Alliance Chairman - Anthony Mungo

    We are proud to announce Anthony Mungo as the new Alliance Chairman. Anthony has a vast amount of experience within our organization. Having gained this experience as a current member of the Alliance Rules Committee, holding multiple chapter staff positions, gaining leadership skills from...
  8. Auric

    Members of Alliance

    One thing that was important to us coming into this was transparency. So much of what happens at the National level of the organization has been hidden from players for so long. We want to make sure that, going forward, as much as possible is done in full view of the players. Dave and I were...
  9. Auric

    Members of Alliance

    The two top level positions opened currently are Alliance Chair ( General Manager) and CTO. There are also positions opened in a few committees. I know PR committee has an active search going on and the Tech team needs a few members. In a short time we hope to add a few members to assist with...
  10. Auric

    Members of Alliance

    I want to start out by saying that we truly value the time and effort that people have taken to bring their concerns to us. If there are compromises that we can work towards to help bring us all back together, we would appreciate the opportunity to hear those and see if we can come to some kind...
  11. Auric

    Members of Alliance

    Krystina, I’m sorry I posted that without redacting your info. I pulled it and fixed it as soon as you let me know. Please let me know if there are any other issues.
  12. Auric

    Members of Alliance

    Myself, and many others, were not a fan of the early version of 2.0 that was scheduled to go live without any feedback from players. It was seen as damaging to the future of the game. I felt that one of the most important things we could do was give the player base some input into how the rules...
  13. Auric

    Members of Alliance

    My access today was very limited, even discord. I was spending the day with my family enjoying fall activities. Giving a rushed response on here would just lead to more questions, and I feel you deserve more of my time than that. Are there any specific posts you would like to ask questions on...
  14. Auric

    Members of Alliance

    Rick, You should know more than anybody the very limited power the President has. The organization and its policies and rules are driven by the owners themselves. We had received some suggestions that the bylaws should be posted publically, and I agree with that. I think allowing the players...
  15. Auric

    Members of Alliance Or @RiddickDale
  16. Auric

    Members of Alliance

    Alliance Members, As announced previously, the ownership of Alliance LARP has changed hands. Coming into this we knew we were facing an uphill battle to bring the alliance together. We made it our priority to reach out to every owner to schedule one on one chats to address their concerns with...
  17. Auric

    Alliance LARP ownership transfer

    As some of you may have heard the Alliance LARP has changed hands today. Matt W. ( @Auric ) and David B. ( @Gilwing ) under the BFM Live Action Entertainment, LLC have purchased the rights from Jesse G. and Michael V. We would like to thank them for the support and creative effort they put...
  18. Auric

    2.0 Item and scroll conversion extended

    The deadline for converting items into the 2.0 ruleset has been extended. It has been pushed to the end of the year due to the delays and cancelations caused by Covid-19. The new deadline to convert items and scrolls is 12/31/2020.
  19. Auric

    Expiring 2020 reagents extended

    Due to the number of events that had to be canceled any reagent that has an expiration of 2020 will be extended by one year. The reagents will not be retagged but marshalls are to be made aware of this change and will accept them as valid. Month and Day will not be changing, a reagent...
  20. Auric

    Spooookkky Death breakup infograph

    @Polare some may have come from deaths pre scout?