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  1. Joseph Smith

    Looking for Cure Wounds potions.

    Adventurers! ... Yeah, really not a whole lot to creatively add to this. Potions. I want them. I'll give you a fair price on them. This is part of the Steepfall effort. I'd prefer donations, but I'll start out this way if it works better. -Joseph Smith
  2. Joseph Smith

    So...I have gas.

    Adventurers, I have been known to overshare at times. This isn't one of those times. I have a bunch of gas globes (but could still use more) and now I'm looking for Gas Traps to make better use of them. If you, or a "friend" you know, can provide Gas Traps I'm looking to buy. If you have the...
  3. Joseph Smith

    Short story: Light a candle

    Hey all. Wrote a story about Joseph's resurrection a game back: " The battle clashed all about him as he blinked in a moment of perfect stillness. In this dark night, he had felt warm. Maybe it was the fight. Maybe it was rousing speech. There was a purpose driving him onward. Then, in a...
  4. Joseph Smith

    So let's talk about Steepfall (what'd we call it again?)

    So let's talk Steepfall. Tactically, this is a choke point on those who would use the Waymaker Network to travel from Allacar to Dragonreach. Agents from Allacar have made multiple efforts to poison Steepfall and make it uninhabitable. The worst of it was mitigated by the adventuring community...
  5. Joseph Smith

    Heya everyone, another "would people like this" thread-Trapped Chests

    Hey guys. I'm looking to get into a new craft over the winter, and I think I'd like to look into making deployable traps for larps. Looking at trapped chests, tripwires, etc. The research I've done suggests that the training and thinking is by far the worst part, the materials just aren't that...
  6. Joseph Smith

    Tell me more of this..."secondary campaign"

    ...because I love you guys and everything you touch is gold. -JT
  7. Joseph Smith

    OOG Story sharing "The Morning After" or "Alliance: Infinity War"

    Hey everybody. Hey guys. I wrote a thing. I like it. You might. :) -JT/Joseph Smith
  8. Joseph Smith


    So I was reading the blog and saw an article on lockboxes. Would anyone be interested if I made a few and sold them in character? Does everyone have all the boxes they need?
  9. Joseph Smith

    Give me your coins!

    Hello adventurers. From here on out, The Dragon Hoard will be giving you an extra Silver when you pay an amount completely in Silver and an extra 5 copper when you pay an amount completely in copper. These don't result in coins handed to you, but rather in value on trades or purchases. I will...
  10. Joseph Smith

    Looking for input on a new Law

    Heya. I'm not the law here, or able to influence the law. I am, however, hoping to stop the confrontation we had last gathering from happening in the future, and I think we can try the angle of a new Law. This discourse is just to gather ideas so I can bring them before someone who legally...
  11. Joseph Smith

    The Dragon Hoard rents magic items!

    The Dragon Hoard is looking to rent out magic items to adventurers in Dragonreach. Each item will be available for a different amount and is rented for one entire Market. If you find yourself attached to the item and wish to purchase it, however much you've spent to rent that item is subtracted...
  12. Joseph Smith

    Looking for a Ritualist to create some items...

    Hello all! The Dragon Hoard is looking for a ritualist to cast a few rituals empowering items. I'm not familiar enough with your current ritualists to ask directly, but I AM paying. Who is up to the task? -Joseph
  13. Joseph Smith

    Ways to MAKE gold with the Dragons Hoard

    By now you've seen how devastatingly beautiful our wares are and how easily one can be made poor by the Lure of the Shiny. What you might not know is that you can use the shop to also INCREASE your wealth! Glassblowers are rare, we'll buy your empty potion vials at 5 copper each! -- (OOG: We...
  14. Joseph Smith

    The Dragon Hoard services and specialties

    Hello all! As I've decided to move permanently to your lands I'm looking to gather information on what services and specialties are needed in Dragonreach so I can determine what is within my means to provide. Things I've done in the past: Blacksmith services (Including providing armor and...
  15. Joseph Smith

    Seeking your established needs- The Dragon Hoard

    Hello adventurers! I'm looking at what I have in stock before Wayside freezes over. Does anyone want anything? Potions, equipment, weapons, armor? I'm also looking to grab some Formal scrolls. I was wondering if anyone needed anything and was willing to exchange goods for services come the...
  16. Joseph Smith

    Topic for discussion: Nobility Agreement and PvP Attitudes

    Hello everyone! I'd like to bring up a potentially divisive topic in the most neutral way possible. My intent is to understand what is actually expected of an IG noble, as it is entirely possible that my character will be slated to lead the Merchant's Guild. As a disclaimer, I don't have...
  17. Joseph Smith

    NOT using the "W" word, what can I build for you?

    Hello all. Since this might reach new people, I'm Joseph Smith. I'm a Carpenter and a Master Blacksmith. After I finish up all the training in Carpentry I can get, I'm going to look into other modes of crafting. I'm considering ships, but that might get derailed. Point being, I make things. Is...
  18. Joseph Smith

    The Dragon Hoard is on the move!

    Hello adventurers! The Dragon Hoard, which sadly includes exactly zero Dragons, is travelling to you this coming market! We bring the usual General Wares that adventurers look for, and also drinks, feastware, jewelry, coins, gems, and finery! There also, depending on current policies in your...
  19. Joseph Smith

    If you could have ANY Formal scroll...

    Which would it be? Would you go for utility? Magic item creation? Worth for resale? What would YOU choose? Say you had two choices. Does that change things? -Joseph Smith Tradesman of Storm's Rose
  20. Joseph Smith

    Looking for a Carpenter

    Hello, intrepid adventurers! I am in search of a Carpenter with the patience to teach someone looking to take on the trade. There will be monetary compensation. -Joseph Smith Tradesman of Storm's Rose