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  1. Darkcrescent

    Components and Rituals for Sale

    I'll be happy to bring the lot down when I visit in over a month. Agate says there is a banquet happening, and it would be a nice respite before the incoming war in Erabella. - Cass
  2. Darkcrescent

    The Isle of Nex, the future of trade

    Greetings, The plan I have is an ambitious one, but could prove to be beneficial to Prademar as a whole. Thousands of years ago The Isle of Nex was a trade hub for the entire world. Goods, people and cultures from all of Prademar gathered to do commerce. Then one day, it was no more. Now, Nex...
  3. Darkcrescent

    An accounting of Professionals

    Apprentice Tinkerer Binks here. Though mostly for disarming or setting traps. -Binks
  4. Darkcrescent

    Names & Faces

    Real Name: Ryan B. (he/him) In Character: Gregory Renaldo Binks III (He/Him) Race/Class: Selunari Rogue Chapters: Chicago, Minnesota. (Just Lt Binks and General Frederick Minotaruos, loyal Olothens) In Character: Squire Cassandra Malvern (She/her) Race/Class: Human Fighter Chapters...
  5. Darkcrescent

    Seeking Work

    If youre looking for shipping by sea, The Vineasy Trading Company has 10 different lanes established always running. Lumber, other cargo, people, we ship it all. All you have to do is reach out with which boat meets your needs. Binks
  6. Darkcrescent

    Racial Costuming Reminder

    Hey everyone, As a reminder to all our Chicago players, racial makeup/prosthetics/clothing/etc must be worn at all times if it's part of your racial requirements(eating/sleeping as an exception of course). Please re-familiarize yourself with the requirements of your particular race as found in...
  7. Darkcrescent

    Viktor Hook

    Feyander x3 Lodestone x5 Truesilver x3 Jetsam x3 Pyrotis x1 That is what I'll be sending down with Gerty. Hopefully it requires at least 2 of those reagents. -Asher
  8. Darkcrescent

    Splinters of Lore's knowledge

    I think there were 3 of them. Not sure where they ended up, but they were there, then handed off. I wasn't really paying attention as I thought they just looked like boring old copper coins but smaller and redder. -Maiev
  9. Darkcrescent

    The Lucky Coin

    Dramthin, "The item's dubious value, uncertain magical nature, and checkered past suggest it should be destroyed forthwith." You have literally described about every magical trinket we have uncovered with a flaw, yet we send it to the adventurers for their spoils. We sell Obliteration scrolls...
  10. Darkcrescent

    The Lucky Coin

    Fair enough, however people make deals with Fae, people apparently draw cards from a deck that shatters spirits, people rift to other lands. I mean, did anyone inspect such a dangerous deck or did they just jump in and take the risk? Its a gold coin. Risk are risk. Its the thrill of it. I hope...
  11. Darkcrescent

    The Lucky Coin

    I want to ensure this still goes up for auction in 2 weeks. Who has it and will they be present? My coin purse needs to be lightened. Binks
  12. Darkcrescent

    Ritual of WOE

    While I wont be present, let me at least offer aid as many of you have offered aid throughout the years to both Gaden and Erabella. I have a stack of soon to be expiring components that should aid for the max casting of such a ritual likely to be done at Dusk before the assult. Immunity to...
  13. Darkcrescent

    Halloween Weekend Favorites

    Yeah, this was us. Except we debated who’d go first for a bit. Except Kit was like, F this and cloaked the repelled.
  14. Darkcrescent

    October Favorites

    Apart from 30g blowing up, the mod was great!. I just need to remember to take out stuff from logistics next time…or register the bag on CMA like I thought.
  15. Darkcrescent

    Magic, perhaps cursed, Mirrors

    Has anyone talked to her? Maybes shes scared, sad and lonely and just needs something to listen to her. Im sure shes just bad at communicating. Maiev
  16. Darkcrescent

    The seventh guild

    Jamina, May I ask what about the existing 6 guilds and their prestige that is difficult to acquire? Between working with the guilds during the market and volunteering to help outside of it I haven't found it difficult to acquire, but my perspective may certainly be different. I do agree with...
  17. Darkcrescent

    October Favorites

    Spirit Walking the Prime Minister with Roff and Gertrude during the siege, being stealthy and then BSing during the 30min spirit walk hold. Engulfed drum circle Dinner Friday night was fantastic Fate's Pawns and Cass bidding up the big transfer gem not realizing they were buying it for the...
  18. Darkcrescent

    The People’s Champion

    Viscount White, Do we know if this duel will take place right away on Friday or take place Saturday? Or a different day or time. - Cass @Ryan S
  19. Darkcrescent

    Earth Blades this gathering

    Zihr, Zen, I am still traveling back from the lands I was at this last weekend but Ilana will be arriving to offer aid. I will be sending her with a Ritual of WOE and components should that wish to be cast. I am also sending a Lore ritual with components. Perhaps it can be used on the Sword of...