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  1. Dreamingfurther

    Plot team resignation

    Hey Guys. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who I got a chance to play with over the past few years at soMN. You guys have been great and a lot of fun! As life goes on however things change and I find myself unable to find the time to continue to write and contribute to the soMN plot...
  2. Dreamingfurther

    Gettysburg Opener Travel?

    So... The first Gettysburg weekend I was able to attend shortly after the national last year was AWESOME fun! THIS IS AN AWESOME CHAPTER! :thumbsup: Although I'm not close and play several other chapters, the Gettysburg opener early March this year looks like something I may try to make the...
  3. Dreamingfurther


    Hey I know it's probably still a little early to ask for the schedule... But I'm really excited to try and get back next year! :thumbsup: And a few other chapters have already posted theirs, so I figured I'd ask. Also I thought I'd piggyback this question by asking, does anyone know of any...
  4. Dreamingfurther

    airport ride?

    After the event...? Hey Guys, so I have a flight out from MSP on Monday morning. Basically that means I'm kinda looking for someone who's house I can crash at Sunday evening and who might be able to give me a ride to the airport Monday morning... :thumbsup: My flight leaves from MSP at 7:20am...
  5. Dreamingfurther


    Hi, My name's Quyri, I think I may have met some of you in the place between the mists, but probably not all. Anyways I'm going to be coming with my friend Thud that I'm sure more of you know, but if there are those of you who are blacksmiths and all, I shoot a lot of arrows. I'm not desperate...
  6. Dreamingfurther

    Looking for a ward

    Hi again! So I was wondering, would anyone be able to sell me a ward to put on a room I'm going to stay in at the tavern? Thanks! - Quyri
  7. Dreamingfurther

    Oct, event favorites

    Wow guys, what a fantastic event. I don't as often post favorites anymore, but as I sit here at the airport I gotta say every event I keep playing out here in MN just makes me that much more excited for the next! ^_^ I had a ton of fun this event guys, and I hope ya'll had as much playing it as...
  8. Dreamingfurther

    How Dare you...

    How dare you do this to us! The vengeance of the Corrupt will reign down on you in a way that you will never forget. Your people have only made things worse. The more you strike us down the stronger we will return. In time, you will all fall. You only delay the inevitable, and the inevitable is...
  9. Dreamingfurther

    Weapon Changes?

    Hey just wondering, should the weapon construction changes be perhaps posted on the 'Official Announcements' section of the boards? It seems like they are a fairly a massive change to be 'hidden away' on the ARC rulings board. But if powers that be feel otherwise that's fine. Just a thought.
  10. Dreamingfurther

    magic item ritual cap question?

    Quick question about the 'restricted' ritual cap limit. Does this limit apply to restricted magic items that are 'from' Barran? aka dropped by the Gettysburg chapter? I would think that it wouldn't since those items were already there, but I figured I'd ask just to get clarity. Thanks!
  11. Dreamingfurther

    looking to sell some stuff

    Hi all! My name is Quyri and I haven't met all of you all but I have met some people from Icenea. I've started traveling in you're lands and come across a handfull of interesting pieces of treasure that I'm trying to see if I could sell off. These items will probably only work in Icenia (LCO HQ)...
  12. Dreamingfurther

    Nov castle event

    Hi all. I know the Nov castle event is still pretty far away. But I plan things pretty far out in advance. Would there be anyone who is planning on heading up to the castle late'ish on Friday night? My flight would be getting in at 10pm so hopefully I could get picked up then and we could head...
  13. Dreamingfurther

    Looking to buy 100's of arrows...

    Hey, so I think I'm going to be trying to travel through the mists soon. I get the sense there is going to be some great threat or gathering of adventurers from many different places somewhere soon... Anyways if anyone is going to be there who is good at making arrows... I kinda need a lot for...
  14. Dreamingfurther


    Hey everyone, don't forget the IBGA deadline for August is this Sunday! We will be doing normal IBGA responses before the August event, and again per usual before the October event, so keep em coming! Thanks from you're plot team! :)
  15. Dreamingfurther

    transfers from CT

    Hi everyone. Just letting everyone know that I sent all the character transfers requested from CT logistics to NH as of monday last night at 11pm. However because NH logistics does not check its email for transfer after 9 pm Tuesday before an event please print out a copy of you're transfer...
  16. Dreamingfurther

    IBGA reminder

    Hey Guys, just a friendly reminder to everyone. IBGA's are due by midnight Sunday night after the event prior. So that's midnight of the 10th tomorrow. :)
  17. Dreamingfurther

    Hope you all are ready...

    Because the over 60 page event writeup is ready to kick your but!!!!!! Can't wait for this event! It's gonna be totally randomly awesome! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  18. Dreamingfurther

    donation need

    Hey Guys, I'm not really sure why, but for whatever reason we've never gotten any of these, but we could really use some plain fairly bright yellow tabards. I've needed them for a while so I figured I'd just post now. I'm sure you'll get goblin stamps and all, plus cudo's points from me...
  19. Dreamingfurther

    Call for silver!

    Hey Guys, I also just wanted to put the call out to anyone/everyone that's willing to help out and contribute. We really like to be able to drop a nice amount of silver coin on monsters and stuff, but one of the ways ya'll could really help us out with that is if you are willing to bring it to...
  20. Dreamingfurther

    Somewhat late minute request

    Sarah asked me to post this for her to request that if people like sitting down... There aren't a whole lot of chairs on the new site. So if folks could bring even just a couple extra folding chairs to donate, or just to have for this event for the purpose of sitting... Yea please bring some...