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  1. Parzivel

    Looking for Crafters from our Community

    LOL. Missed the deadline by a little. :D
  2. Parzivel

    Creating good looking and safe swords ! - material recommendations

    The foam you were looking at is exactly the right stuff. I use a belt sander to get it close, and then hit it with a heat gun to smooth it out all the way. The question is them what to cover it with. I would suggest either plasti-dip and latex paint, or, for an easier and lighter finish...
  3. Parzivel

    Latex Weapons

    I, admittedly biased, very much dislike latex weapons. Every bloody accident I have ever seen in Alliance combat has either been skinned knees or caused by a latex weapon. They are heavy, often bendy, and almost always shorter than the maximums. They look great, and as a prop, I'm sure they...
  4. Parzivel

    ALW's Grand Opening Fundraiser!

    I reached out two years in a row and was given a range, given the parameters in the forums. Then I made swords and sent them in.
  5. Parzivel

    ALW's Grand Opening Fundraiser!

    Nationals did what I describe. It's fine if you don't feel like you can give even a basic range, or can't talk to individual crafters to come up with one. If you ever decide you want to allow for ranges, let me know; I'm happy to help with the system, since it doesn't seem at all complex and...
  6. Parzivel

    ALW's Grand Opening Fundraiser!

    I think the issue is that it feels like a gamble. I ship off a bunch of swords and bows and whatnot, and you decide that they are worth 10gs each... I would not have chosen to send them. Is there a way to (in private if you prefer) come up with more of a range than "some amount" given certain...
  7. Parzivel

    ALW's Grand Opening Fundraiser!

    If cash donations are 10:1, and shortswords pay 45.... that implies that a shortsword made and shipped to WI is worth $4.50? EDIT: You are LOOKING for 45 shortswords? Any thought on how many gs you are awarding for them (for example)?
  8. Parzivel

    ADL September 2021 Event Information Sheet

    I know I saw a link for payment, but I can't find one on this page.
  9. Parzivel

    Hello! My name is William Haddon, and I am an owner of a short-run LARP in Colorado called...

    Hello! My name is William Haddon, and I am an owner of a short-run LARP in Colorado called Hollow Dawn. We have a player who has requested to play who was apparently banned by Alliance San Francisco, and I was hoping to have a short conversation to see if we should ban the player as well, or...
  10. Parzivel

    Trying to get ahold of management

    Hey, if anyone reading this is in touch with the Owner or managers for SF Alliance (or is one of those), can you please contact me (or get them to)? I'm trying to get some information about your Chapter. I've sent a few emails to the owners and managers with no response.
  11. Parzivel

    Looking for a contact

    Thank you! Hopefully that will be fruitful.
  12. Parzivel

    Looking for a contact

    Hello! I'm trying to get a hold of someone (or some people) in charge of Alliance SF. I sent an email, but am not totally sure if the address from the national page is a good one. Who would be the best person to speak to?
  13. Parzivel

    2021 National Event Donations

    Are these items still desired? Are all the details the same?
  14. Parzivel

    Alliance LARP ownership transfer

    Let's start if off right. Why not hit up the general populace with some data-gathering about what they would like to see in the rules and player's handbook, or even what they'd like to see with Alliance in general?
  15. Parzivel

    Emblem Contest!

    Are these meant to be sew-able? Purely printed? Painted?
  16. Parzivel

    Feb Event Canceled due to weather

    This is the second year in a row we've had a February Event, and until we find a way to have summer Events, it's hard to get in eight events without February. This is the second time I can remember that we've had an event cancelled for weather in the past 5 years.
  17. Parzivel

    2020 Dates

    Thank you so much for posting these so early!!
  18. Parzivel

    The reality of the staff rules

    I'm happy to show you what it would look like. It looks a lot like someone attacking one-handed with a 4-foot-long sword made of iron .... but it's two feet longer and wood. I can imagine a safety concern with two-handed stabs, but since we allow it with pole-arms, that is obviously not the...
  19. Parzivel

    September 2019 FAVORITE MOMENTS!

    Got more time with my brother than usual. I kinda forget that's one of the things I love about LARPing the most. Great Scion time. Lumi. Also, hooking Lumi up. Sparring with Cryn. Sparring with Knox. Sparring with.... :( Maybe next time. Team fighting in the Tavern. Derek Reed! Mike the "Big...