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    Season closer feedback

    i don't ever start with negative feedback but this time I will. Gents from the OEF and npc's can sit this portion out. To my fellow PC's, your a bunch of animals. The state of the area around the campfire was abysmal. Water bottles, cups, plates and bowls littered that area. Unless you are Aric...
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    August favorites

    i had three favorite moments from the event. 1. All things Pedro. 2. Maxwell being struck by a rainbow and being unable to see or hear females 3. Getting to screw with Jarod's stone elf. I haven't got to screw with someone that hard in a very long time. That moment was the highlight of my season
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    Calimacil or something better

    I'm hoping that someone can share their experiences with foam latex weapons. Calimacil or is there a better alternative? I'm looking for a medium length long sword that doesn't cost 150$. It's for my son, who is harder than normal on pretty much everything, so it needs to be durable. He has a...
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    July event

    first thank you to everyone who came out. Npc's and runners get a big thank you. As always you are overworked and understaffed but you made the event. Second a big thanks to the OEF crew who did the tavern. Setting it up was a big job and cooking was even bigger. It was great. Some of my...
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    Changes in nobility

    There will changes in the responsibilities of each of our nobles. This is more of a division of labor than any real change in what we are doing. We have some details to hash out before it goes up but will get it up here soon.
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    Laws of the land

    Laws of ardik Theft- The law of theft is defined as the purposeful stealing of any property that does not belong to you. Punishments can range from a simple flogging, fines,community service or a combination of all of the above. murder- The law of murder is defined as the purposeful or...
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    June event

    Minus an early Saturday night due to inclement weather it was a good event. Personal favorite. Me: oh good a dragon, and now we get to fight Cason. And now Cason has Maxwell down.
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    State park pass for vehicles

    We do need a state park pass to drive Vehicles Into the camp ground and to park there?
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    June event

    i don't know about everyone else but I'm excited to be starting yet another season. After many years of playing it still amazes me that I can get this amped up. I started larping in 1994 and after my first event I grabbed every friend I could convince to join me and I have been hooked ever...
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    Donations needed

    I'm sorry. I thought I had posted this to the alliance Traverse Facebook page. I have posted it twice. And I can't seem to find it on that page. -fungus mushroom hats -hobling sideburns -prob spell packets (white) -wilderkin prosthetics -caps with fish fins -Weapons and claws of all makes and...
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    Some of us are outdoors type people and some of us are not. We will be tenting this year. Here's a list of some things that you will probably need. Tent and sleeping bag Cot or air mattress or at least a pad for under you sleeping bag Cooler Weather appropriate clothing and costuming. We are...
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    Chicago rides

    Anyone headed to Chicago in two weeks?
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    Thank you

    i would like to take this opportunity to thank a list of people who made this season all that it was. The plot team. Chris, Cory, Brigit, Bev and Tory. Thank you for putting in countless hours of work just to have is blast holes and completely screw up the plot you spent hours carefully...
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    Thank you travelers

    i would like to thank everyone for taking part in the battle against the syndicate. Lady Cyn and Sir Mathis your wise consul was very much appreciated. Quinn, Zane, Link and Cason, you guys held us together, even when the outcome was in jeopardy. Kudos on some genuine out-of-the-box thinking...
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    Talking when we should be listening

    A number of adventurers seem to be doing a lot of speaking when as younger adventurers you should be listening. Wycliffe, any warning from you should be taken with a grain of salt. Warning others about their associations when your own have been less than stellar seems like a waste of breath...