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  1. Tantarus

    How to fix Doom Blow, your thoughts?

    So as given by my previous poll (found at ) over 90% of people that voted think Doom Blow is underwhelming, 100% of rogues,scouts,adepts that replied found it underwhelming with many commenting They found it to be bad...
  2. Tantarus

    Poll: Lets talk about DoomBlow

    I have played a rogue far in the past and changed back to the class for 2.0. Overall I really enjoy it, but one thing I have come to believe is that doom blow is pretty underwhelming, to the point I am considering selling my 5 back and picking up 12 waylays instead. That it just adds a carrier...
  3. Tantarus

    This coming gather, the full moon, werewolves and you.

    So, as people know this coming gather is on the full moon so I feel the need to make a few things clear for people. First of all after over a year of practice, meditation, and other techniques, I have gained control over myself during a full moon. This means I will be out and about at nights...
  4. Tantarus

    Resist Destory Magic and Spirit Locks

    With the change to permanent duration to add a Spirit Lock I am trying to figure how it works. There are some things that are really unclear to me how they resolve. Example: I have earth spirit rituals, including a Resist Destroy Magic. I am hit by a dragon magic, Destroy Magic Earth target...
  5. Tantarus

    Declining a ritual rules

    I am looking for the rules about declining a ritual effect and taking a res in its place. But they dont seem to be in the rule book. Can someone post them here or direct me to where they are laid out? Edit: Thanks @Inaryn , A follow question, does this apply to your gear? Like say someone...
  6. Tantarus

    Riposte should be a stealth skill.

    I have been saying for a while that Riposte should be stealth not martial. And after playing a rogue this last playtest I am pretty convinced. Rogues can trigger it far easier with evades or dodges. That means rogues have roughly 2.5x the ways to trigger it then a fighter of the same level. Also...
  7. Tantarus

    Looking to purchase some thrown weapons.

    I am looking to purchase 6 to 12 thrown weapons from a smith at the start of this gather. Please contact me with your prices if you can make some or have some to sell. Thanks. ~Sir Tantarus
  8. Tantarus

    Resolved Shatter and dropping your weapon

    So recently we had a debate in the Oregon discord about if you can drop a weapon before a shatter spell hits you to not have it shattered. Disarm reads " Nor can you avoid it by dropping the weapon to the ground or throwing your weapon up in the air just before the packet is about to hit you...
  9. Tantarus

    Can you combo Assassin's Edge with Opportunistic attack?

    Assassin's Edge (General, Item [Melee Weapon], Daily) – Assassin’s Edge allows the user to, once per Logistics period per charge, make a melee attack with this weapon with the “Body” carrier when striking from behind. This may be combined with any applicable skill, Ritual, or other effect that...
  10. Tantarus

    Question about item rebuild and extenders.

    When we rebuild an item, do we take the extender and make it into points and rebuild it. Or do we set the extender aside, rebuild the item and reapply the same extender it currently has? Regardless of gaining or losing a total number of rituals.
  11. Tantarus

    Spirit Locks via perms.

    Do the spirit lock effect from your perm items count as spirit rituals against your cap of 20? Also what happens if you have 20 spirit rituals and you touch a unlinked spirit linked item?
  12. Tantarus

    [.11] Mettle and new fighters.

    So I was just building a level 1 fighter for a new lowbie campaign in oregon. I realized I could buy a mettle at 30ish build. But I cant actually use a mettle till I have 80 build to have 21 body. This seems really rough for starting players and fighters even worse for templars/scouts. Perhaps...
  13. Tantarus

    [.11] Raging Blow and Bows

    Raging Blow (General, Item [Weapon], Daily) - Raging Blow allows the user to, once per Logistics period per charge, add the Strike keyword to a single numeric weapon swing. This may be used in conjunction with skills or other rituals. Can you put this ritual on ranged weapons? It mentions...
  14. Tantarus

    [.11] Doom Blow, is it good?

    So, I am building a rogue for the next playtest. And 5 build for doom blow that it isn't even a strike to itself just seems underwhelming. 5 Build for a augmenting skill rather then having a true capstone skill that stands on it's own just seems meh. I admit I havent messed with rogue much in...
  15. Tantarus

    Town Meetings for January

    We are planning 2 town meetings for this coming gather. The first is friday night, around 10:30. This one will be brief. Mostly for people to share information they might have about this gather. As well as for the guilds to recruit and give updates of there goings on. As well as discuss the...
  16. Tantarus

    Pay no play for Oct 12-14 of 2018?

    Hiya, I did the 2018 pay no play and dont seem to have credit for the last event of this year. I have tried reaching out to your logistics myself. And Seattle Logistics has as well, without response for some time. Is their email still or is there a newer one I...
  17. Tantarus

    Information sharing and Town Meetings for December.

    First off, I wanted to thank everyone that went through the portal and help recover the artifact to help Stradyn. A job well done. Things where not as expected when we got there but everyone banded together and we where able to accomplish our mission, sadly the elves we accompanied where not so...
  18. Tantarus

    [.11] Lets talk about Counteract

    Counteract – 2 XP (Rogue), 10 XP Stealth Skills per purchase, Daily - Some characters have honed their skills to the point that they can avoid nearly any attack which is returned to them. This Smart Guard defensive skill allows a character to call "Counteract" against any "Return" defense used...
  19. Tantarus

    2.0 rules for games going forward?

    So owners voted and passed rules allowing more playtests for chapters. December is 1.3, but going forward can we get official word on what rules system to expect? Thanks!
  20. Tantarus

    Blanket Calculator

    Is there a blanket calculator out there for 1.3? The one I have used for years seems to be down at