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    Alliance LARP NH 2022 Event Schedule

    This is the Alliance LARP NH schedule for the 2022 season. Other events may be added to this schedule and this post will be updated if that happens. All events will take place in Unity, New Hampshire at 964 2nd NH Turnpike. This site is located past the Unity Fire Station on the right, just...
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    Private Events

    Alliance LARP NH will host single day private events depending on staff availability. A private event will cost $300 which is due 1 week prior to the event. Private events can have up to 12 players. Some staff members in attendance may not count towards this limit. An attempt to reserve a...
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    Temporary Precautions for Events

    Due to the Covid 19 pandemic Alliance LARP NH is implementing some additional practices at our events as safety precautions. As a reasonable accommodation, any attendees who do not provide proof of vaccination will be allowed to participate using a modified version of our Paging System and must...
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    2.0 Item Conversion Deadline

    NH will be allowing conversions of pre 2.0 items into 2.0 items until further notice.
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    NH New Site Donation Drive

    Good Morning Everyone, Firstly I would like to give a big thank you to the Whites, who as a family have been enabling us to enjoy our hobby on their property for as long as I have been a LARPer. Many of us started our LARPing careers in their backyard, and even more of us have fond memories...
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    Las Vegas Fund Raiser

    The Las Vegas Chapter is having a fund raiser. Please find a link to their post about it below.
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    The CMA has been rehomed

    The CMA was switched to a different URL here is a link to the official announcement with links to the new web addresses. :) Dustin
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    The PR committee wants your photos

    Good Morning Everyone, The PR Committee is looking for photo submissions that they can share on their social media channels and platforms. They are offering a Dragon Stamp reward for accepted pictures. Here is a link to the official announcement. Thanks and have a great day...
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    2.0 Item Conversions Extended

    Good Evening Everyone, Due to the current situation and resultant event cancellations across the Alliance the deadline for converting items to 2.0 has been extended. Please find a link the the official announcement below...
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    Reagents 2020 Expiration Extended

    In response to event cancellations, and therefore reduced capacity to use them, reagents with an expiration date in 2020 will now expire on the same date in 2021. Please find a link to the official announcement below. Thanks and have a great day. :) Dustin...
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    Temporary change to event cancellation bylaws due to Covid 19

    Good Afternoon Everyone, The owners have made a temporary change to the bylaws concerning cancelled events for those events that are cancelled due to the Covid 19 outbreak. In short existing events that are or have been canceled will remain available for PC event credit, Alternate Xp credit...
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    AGB Fundraiser

    Good Morning Everyone, AGB is running a fund raiser to buy a trailer. There is a link to it below. Have a great day. :) Dustin
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    Alliance Instagram

    The PR committee has created the Alliance Instagram. They are in need of photos. If you have any to share please email them to Also feel free to follow @alliancelarp on Instagram. Thanks and have a great day. :) Dustin
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    Event Pricing

    $60 Standard fee for both days of a full weekend, without pre-registration. This will grant the player character 2 event days worth of experience, and access to 2 logistics periods. The first such period runs from the start of game on the first day until dinner on the second day. The second...
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    Alliance LARP NH 2020 Event Schedule

    This is the Alliance LARP NH schedule for the 2020 season. Please note we are hosting two separate campaigns this year. Three of our weekend long 2020 events will take place within the Videa campaign setting, Three of our 2020 weekend long events will take place within the Cinderfel campaign...
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    Official 2.0 Rule Book

    Hello Everyone, We now have an official 2.0 rule book for Alliance LARP. Here is a link to the announcement post. Have a great day. :) Dustin
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    Alliance Oregon Fundraiser

    Good Afternoon Everyone, Alliance Oregon is running a fund raiser. Here is a link :) Dustin
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    Alliance Calgary Fundraiser

    Good Morning Everyone, Alliance Calgary is running a fund raiser. Here is a link :) Dustin
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    Alliance UT Fundraiser

    Good Morning Everyone, Alliance UT is running a fund raiser here is a link. :) Dustin
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    NPC Shifts

    Alliance LARP NH utilizes its NPC participants in shifts. The shifts are as follows: Friday 10pm -2am Saturday 10am - 2pm Saturday 2pm - 6pm Saturday 9pm - 1am Sunday 10am - 2pm If a participant who is registered as a PC completes a full NPC shift they will be rewarded with 120 Goblin Stamps...