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  1. A.mungo

    Symposium Vote List

    Edited 33 & 47. 33. Wording of the Vote 47. Changed were to weren't in the synopsis
  2. A.mungo

    Symposium Vote List

    Symposium vote list – Pass/Fail/Abstain (as necessary) 2.1 items marked appropriately The following Chapters were in attendance with their abbreviations for brevity throughout the document Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) Asheville (XR) Chicago (C) Denver (D) Gettysburg (GB) Las Vegas...
  3. A.mungo

    October Favorites

    The grimlock adventure was fantastic!
  4. A.mungo

    October Favorites

    I am going to start with a big ol' round of applausse for the kitchen staff, and those who brought snacks in general. Coffee, tea, custom drinks, mac and cheese, lasagna, fudge, cookies, scones, and more? Thank you all so much for taking care of us all weekend!!! I absolutely had a blast, and...
  5. A.mungo

    Quick update regarding immediately implemented rules from Symposium

    There was a lot to unravel from symposium, 46 total votes on items across two and a half days with a whole lot of context. While we do have a team that is going to be running through those items, a couple of things passed which may have an immediate impact on gameplay. To that end I want to...
  6. A.mungo

    Transfer Enchantment and Permanency/Spirit Lock

    1. Yes! So if you have an item which is already spirit locked to you via Permanency (let's call it a bracelet with the type (Item)), and you use a TE to move everything to another Item (a sword which still counts as a viable Item target), all rituals of the same aspect will move as long as it is...
  7. A.mungo

    Diversty Lead - Taking Applilcations through 10/3

    We are looking for our next Lead for the Alliance National Diversity and Inclusivity Committee (Diversity for short). The Alliance Diversity Committee recommends interventions that promote an inclusive culture in which diversity adds value to each chapter and the national organization...
  8. A.mungo

    Resolved Identification in the Celestial Circle

    I had temporarily moved this to marshal questions, but after a quick search throught the forums/ARB/APG the specifics on timing and focus were not listed (player refusal was also not listed, but items and NPC's were mentioned so my expectation is purposeful omission). However, I will let ARC...
  9. A.mungo

    Fantasy Fantasy Football 2022 edition!

    @RiddickDale, @Suzanne, @Mulgrum Please feel free to share the following link to join! This will be an ESPN PPR standard scoring league. First 8 to join! We will work with everyone once all the teams are claimed to set a draft date...
  10. A.mungo

    Fantasy Fantasy Football 2022 edition!

    I am also open to teaching people who are interested but do not know where to start or what to look at for inspiration. Just send em a message and I will shoot over resources or plan a call :) -Tony
  11. A.mungo

    Fantasy Fantasy Football 2022 edition!

    Its about that time of year when some of us have to hurry home from events, or go on an extra early Sunday morning mod to where there is cell signal. I would like to set up an Alliance Fantasy Football league on ESPN, all skill levels welcome. Are you a seasoned pro? Great! Brand new? We can...
  12. A.mungo

    Closed Chapter Restricted Scroll/Catalyst Conversion

    Summary: Due to the number of recently closed chapters the owners have come together to figure out a system to allow for previously restricted rewards from recently closed chapters to continue to have a potential use and effect on our future games. As per the current system all restricted...
  13. A.mungo

    Increase NPC Compensation

    Summary: This vote is intended to increase the rate at which players who choose to participate as NPC's are able to utlilize the reward system available to them. The vote is intended to allow all NPC blankets gained to be able to be utilized without restriction on a single character instead of...
  14. A.mungo

    Clarify that Secondary Blankets are limited to logistical periods of an event for which they are purchased

    Summary: Previously it was not properly codified that secondary blanket purchases were limited to the number of logistical periods per any given event. This vote changes the wording of the bylaws to make it explicit in its use instead of implicit. Vote: Add clarifying language to align...
  15. A.mungo

    Exapnsion of NPC Benefits - Gain NPC blankets per logistics period vs. per event

    Summary: This vote represents changing the NPC blankets which can be earned from one per entire event as an NPC to earning one per each logistics period, much like goblin blankets there is still a limit of one NPC blanket which can be applied per character per month, but no cap on the amount of...
  16. A.mungo

    Enable Chapters to Set Their Own 2.0 Conversion Deadlines

    Summary: This change will allow chapters to dictate their own individual 1.3 to 2.0 conversion deadlines for items/tags/scrolls/etc. which they have issued in the past. Originally the deadline for conversion was at the end of 2020. This change will be an official policy, and be mandated chapter...
  17. A.mungo

    Rename Alliance Chair

    Summary: Renaming the Alliance Chairperson to the Alliance General Manager due to the nature of what the position entails now vs. what it originally did. This is a representative title change only, and is being done to more concisely align the position to its actual responsibilities and powers...
  18. A.mungo

    Catalyst Naming Update

    Summary: When this goes into effect campaigns will be able to alter the way catalysts are named within their chapter with the reference to the ritual being stated on the tag. This would allow many more unique options for plot teams to put items out with so that the same redundant item isn't...
  19. A.mungo

    Special Meeting Request with Quorum Requirements Suspended

    Summary: We will have an online special meeting to address the bylaws on Friday February 19th 2021 at 7pm EST. Quorum will be suspended for this meeting. This would treat this specific special meeting in all ways similar to a biennial meeting with no quorum requirements to pass...
  20. A.mungo

    Alliance Documents Committee

    I have passed the duties on to our new documents committee lead @Suzanne. She will be reaching out/has reached out to everyone whom has sent a message of interest. Thank you again for all of the responses!